Leap Year 2012…

Today, I needed to be stronger than before. This week has not been really good to me and my husband. I needed to go out of our house this afternoon, to catch some air and see other faces. After paying our bills, I found myself in front of an altar – in a church. I realized, I need to let go of this. I needed to cry. 😦

There are some things that’s making my husband weaker and weaker as days goes by. His job is very important to us. It is currently our bread and butter. But ito din ang nagpapahirap sa kanya ngayon… 😦 Ang hirap makita yung taong kunukuhanan ko ng lakas is walang kibo, nanghihina and palaging nag-iisip. But as a wife, I know I have to be strong for him. This time, I have to give back the strength he’s giving me all this time. In times like this, I need to be up and be able to think straight so I can continue supporting my husband.

Pero, I was about to explode. This is really hard for me. Being a full-time housewife – staying at home, makes me see it everytime my husband just stares at nothing, hear his sighs and seeing him not been able to get a good sleep. But I never saw him cry. I can see that he’s still trying to be strong for me. After letting go of all the tears sa simbahan kanina, I decided to go home na so I can prepare our dinner.

But, I don’t know what happened that I felt sadness and hurt when I entered our door. And this made me so lazy to cook. I sat in front of my laptop and started to go online. When my husband woke up, still no dinner was ready. Then, we just decided to have our food delivered to us. No one from us dared to start any conversation. I’m soaked up in hurting and sadness and so with my husband. The house was so quiet. After dinner, he prepared himself for work.

Before he left, he kissed and hugged me. Then I realized, he was crying. Tears fell down on my face too. I felt his sadness and that he’s hurting too. With no words coming from both us, from the way he hugged me, I felt that he’s asking and longing for understanding… I just whispered to him that I will be here for him and whatever happens, I will be always waiting for him, here in our home.

I’m still crying while writing this. I know, malalampasan namin ito. There will always be moments like this. And I’m happy that I have him on my side. I love him, so much. Whatever destiny brings to us, I know we will laugh this off, in time.

I’m praying for guidance. Guide us to make the best and most appropriate decisions this time. Patience, understanding and stronger faith. I know, together, we will be able to get through this.

I remember our promise to each other: “Walang bibitaw.”

Praying, Nessie

Status: Unofficially Yours

Unofficially Yours Poster

This is actually a late post. I am happy Francis likes to watch movies like this with me. Though, there we’re some that he said no and all I can do is a smirk on my face. Haha! 😛

Anyway, we enjoyed this movie. Just like the other Tagalog movies like Popoy and Basha. Haha! 🙂 Me and Francis are corporate slaves just like Angel and John Lloyd in this movie. Got closer to each other when we we’re assigned to work together on a team. Together almost all days of the week for 2yrs. Lunch, dinner together, everyday. But unlike in this movie, we didn’t had that “sex relationship”. He had a girlfriend and I was also with someone else. Being together everyday, I know you know what happened next. 😛 This is why we we’re able to relate ourselves to this movie.

Office relationships can be tempting. Specially when you are with the same set of people almost everyday of the week. Going out for lunch, dinner and still going out during weekends over coffee or beer, all of these can bridge the “getting-to-know” moments. And eventually, both of you will realize that you’d like to be with each other more than the persons that you should be with. Falling in love, in short. Some will also say that if you love your boy friend or your girl friend, you wouldn’t get closer to any other girls or guys more than your girl friend/boy friend. That you shouldn’t be confused if you wanna spend time with your “officemate” or your boy friend/girl friend. Uhmm.. I don’t know. I have experienced this and I fell in love and now I’m married with my “officemate”. To top this all, I don’t have any regrets.

So, that was it. I don’t judge people who fell on this trap. Because I believe in destiny. Regardless if you’re with a person with 10yrs or more, if he or she is not meant for you, one will never be contented. There will always be a time that you’re looking for something else. Some couples just got together for a few months, and they decided to get married. Ironic, right? But, I think, that’s the wonder of love. Ayiii.. 😛

Love, Nessie

Love Sparks with Fireworks

Fireworks can be annoying for some. But for me and Francis, it relaxes us. I mean, watching fireworks together, looking at the sky together, this is one of our favorite bonding moments. I remember the first ever pyro-olympics years ago, we didn’t hesitate to go and see it. Also, we are literally in SM Mall of Asia every Saturday just to watch the free fireworks given by the mall. It’s like us, going to church and every Sunday, but this is our Saturday routine. 😛 Last Saturday, we decided to go and see the pyro-olympics again with matching dinner buffet with one of the prestige restaurants which offers a very good spot in watching it. It was UK and Spain competing and they we’re both awesome.

Me and Francis enjoyed watching this. Watching together – holding hands while looking at the sky, it feels like we are giving our problems, doubts and worries in life and all other negative thoughts on us away, wishing that they will be all gone along with the fireworks. 😛 Above anything else, I just realized, we just love to look at the sky together, either day or night. 😛 Usually after watching fireworks displays like this, we always have the feeling of contentment and happiness together. Haha! 😛

Even without the pyro-olympics or any just fireworks displays, simple way to bond with your loved ones.

Love, Nessie

People: My Unexpected Valentine’s Date

Last Valentine’s Day, I was invited to attend the Globe Prepaid Event in Intercontinental Hotel in Makati. Since Francis and I didn’t have any plans of going in a date because he has to report for work at night time, I thought it would be good for me to check this event. This is my second event that I got the invite as a Blogger. My very first one was here.

My friend, Aileen also joined the Globe event but she was a bit late. After the lunch was served to us and after long and fun story-telling sessions with each other, we decided to just go out within the area and pamper ourselves for a foot spa and pedicure. So, this how she became my valentine’s date. 😛

We headed to The Spa in Greenbelt. Let me tell you a little bit of our experience on this place. When we opened the door and entered the place, there’s no one who greeted and welcomed us. Though we can already see the reception area with the receptionist smiling at us (I think). Then we told her what services we want, swiped Aileen‘s credit card and soon enough, we we’re already in the dark room in where we will be pampered. 2 ladies started our foot spa and massage. The massage was so-so. I thought, the lady assigned to me haven’t had lunch because I can’t even feel her massaging my feet. When she was done, she disappeared. While the lady assigned to Aileen continue working on her feet and legs. We already fell asleep when I realized there’s still no one working on my nails. Then we found out that there is only one person assigned to both of us to do our nails!! Gosh!

It took us almost 3.5hrs in total for the supposedly 30min foot spa, 30min foot massage, 30-45mins of pedicure and 30mins of manicure. Imagine that! We we’re really disappointed knowing that we we’re on a prestiged “relaxation & pampering” place. I guess, we expected too much huh!

Photo credits to Aileen:

I am happy to have her as my valentine’s date. 😛 I guess, this is also the start of a very good friendship with her. We’re still in the process of getting more about each other and I must say, at this early stage, I am enjoying her company. I may  have lost some in my friends’ list (in bulk), and now, I feel that I am being blessed with new friends, one by one. 😛

Love, Nessie

Travel: The Cebu Cathedral Museum

When Francis and I were in Cebu last February 9-12, 2012, we wanted to make sure we visit all those place we love when we we’re still based here. Churches and most specially, the restaurants! We love the food here, so much. Aside from they’re a lot cheaper than in Manila, they’re all really yummy. 😛 Before heading to our food fiesta itenerary, we went to visit the 2 famous churches in Cebu which are also really close to our hearts – Sto.Niño Basilica and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. We attended mass and bought some Sto.Niño’s. Then we went to Cebu Cathedral Museum. Just crossing the street beside the cathedral is the museum already. It was a bit raining and there we’re groupd of toddlers having their educational tour here. They’re sooo cutie! 🙂

We we’re welcomed by their security guard, the receptionist and a golden retriever, all of ’em we’re friendly. I love it when the dog started waiving his tail when he saw us. It’s like he knew us. For those who will visit this place, don’t be scared of the guard dog – he’s friendly. 🙂

At the start, I can say that this place is well-loved and well-preserved. Though the place is really old, you can feel the positive vibes and the cool breeze of air flowing. I just felt sad when the receptionist mentioned to us that it has years that they’re gathering funds for its renovation… Since 1800, this has survived eartquakes, typhoons, war and all other elements, this museum building is the rectory of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and now serves as ecclesiastical museum showcasing regional church facade and artifacts. Not to mention that this is Cardinal Vidal’s baby.

Now let me take you to a tour around the museum. First stop, the Carmen Collection, this their small-restored chapel just right after the museum entrance.

And here’s the collections displayed on the second floor fo the museum.

When we are checking out what’s on the back door area, we saw the car that Pope John II used when he was in Cebu. Felt bad that the car was just outside and I think, needs a litle cleaning up to preserve it, too.

The car used by Pope John Paul II when he was in Cebu

The museum is very organized. Each piece of artifact is carefully displayed with captions about them for the visitors to read and learn. The backyard is also big enough for functions like birthdays, weddings and other celebrations which the building Admin accepts. I think, this will be a very nice place for our lolo and lola’s golden wedding anniversary or even our parent’s wedding anniversary.

If you will have to visit Cebu, I recommend you include this in your itenerary. This way, you get to learn about the religious side of the city and at the same time, you get to help on raising funds for their renovation and restoration of the building.. 😛

Diamond Suites and Residences

We celebrated Francis’ 32nd birthday in Cebu when I was finishing my turnover to my employer. We stayed at Diamond Suites & Residences. I was able to stay here I think 2yrs ago during our Company’s Christmas party. He love the place. Since it was Valentine’s week, we got our room at a discounted rate. The room is really worth it. We had 2 double-size beds (one for each of us). Haha! 🙂 The crews were all so polite and nice. There is still on-going constructions on the upper floors for more expansions. Even the construction workers were really polite.

This is also best for both business men. They have conference rooms big enough to accommodate 50-90 people aside from its business center in where their clients can check their emails online, print their iteneraries or just any business discussions. Oh, by the way, wi-fi is available to all rooms, for free!!

And I fell in love with the pink couch in the reception area. I sooo love it!

The infinity pool is at their 6th floor. And it’s really really nice. I love it that it’s on its highest floor and you get to have a view of the busy streets of Ayala Business Center. There was little rain showers so, it was a bit cold and windy. But, the water was warm and very relaxing. We both love it that we I got to enjoy the water and he enjoyed the air and the view while chatting with each other, talking about our next iteneraries. Haha! 🙂

This place has definitely made it to our list. If ever, we will go back to Cebu, I’d like to stay here again. We had a good time staying here. Francis and I had a chance to talk a lot of things about us. We just enjoyed the moments that we’re here and not thinking about our jobs. Spending the whole day with my husband is priceless. 🙂

Diamond Suites and Residences

Contact details: Here

Love lots,

People: My College Friends

Last Friday, was able to see my college friends after more than 10yrs. The last time I was with them was at our graduation in 2001. Thanks to Facebook for getting us close to each other again. It was fun to see and spend a little time with them. Over some beer and pica-pica and tons of laughters, I felt that these people are still my friends even without seeing each other for a long time. The memories and stories that we’ve talked about is priceless.

 It was already almost morning when we decided to go home. We really enjoyed the night. I’m glad that after a very long time, we are still friends regardless of the changes in our lives. I’m thankful that I just discovered this.

I love you guys!