It’s Been A While, Domino’s

Just recently, a friend of mine dragged me in joining blogger events so I can also experience what she’s getting into when it comes to blogging. I’ve been thinking about this too. The perks of getting to know other bloggers is awesome. Not to mention the freebies if you’re lucky. She added me in some bloggers FB group and then there I started checking out other blog posts. Then one day, there’s this post inviting bloggers to join the launch of Domino’s Pizza in Makati Ave. The 1st 12 bloggers who were able to send email, will get the official invite. I got excited. I sent an email with my name, blog website and contact #. The next day, I got the confirmation that I am invited to the event. I was not sure if I’ll feel happy or not. This is my first blogger event, for crying out loud!! I felt scared, nervous and hesitant to attend. But I was told before that when you confirmed, make sure you will really be there because there were instances that the events coordinator will put you in “black list.” I was like, “bahala na.”

January 31st came. I prepared early. I had plans of getting there early so I can start minggling with the other bloggers and start knowing them too. When I got there, I saw a lot of people in front of Domino’s Pizza. So, I thought, this is it. I just stand on the back side and waited. Then those people went to the building’s open ground and gathered there. I got really scared and confused. Because they have their own groups and leaders.  They even have their attendance form. And, they started serving us pansit and biko. ahahaha! Uhm… I thought of just going home.. Then I tried texting the person who invited us to Domino’s Pizza event and asked him if he’s going to be there also. He responded immediately and said he will be late. So, that’s it. I decided to just get out of the open ground for the meantime and thought of checking out the mall.

On my way back to Domino’s Pizza area, I was welcomed by their crew holding their promo cards. So I asked him if he knows anything about the Domino’s event. He immediately said yes. He asked if I’m one of the guests, and I said yes. So, he accompanied me inside Domino’s. I felt relieved. There, I was welcomed by the crew and said to just wait because the priest hasn’t arrived yet. Gosh!! I felt relieved that I went out of the unknown even I got myself into. Hahahaha!

It was a bit late when the event started. I had so much fun. I got the chance to meet other bloggers and they were all so nice to me. I was shocked because they all have their high-end cameras to take photos of the event. Whoah!! Met AleahMi ChelleAileenSumiLevyFPJ Jr,ManetteCrumpyblogger and some others who I was not able to get to know since they were on a different table.

The event was lead by Domino’s Marketing office (Ms.Issah). Domino’s Pizza Inernational and Philippines Executives were there. Makati Vice Mayor Ed Pena was there too. The crews seems very happy and they were really game on picture taking. They even helped on throwing out candies and coins to us as part of the welcoming rituals of the restaurant. Even the Executives joined and we were all happy and laughing our lungs out. I think, I got a total of Php60.00 out of those coins. Haha!

We were served pizza of course! Haha! I like them all. And I’d like to try their other pizza too. ThePizza Extravanzza, Potato Pizza and Margherita Pizza. All were delicious for me!! Pizza Extravaganzza – in just a wink of an eye, and it’s gone! Ham, sausage, beef, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese that made us drool and spoof! Where’s the pizza?? Potato Pizza – This is weird for me. First time I ever saw potato wedges in a pizza. Also with corn, what else can be weirder than that?! But this one’s yummy, too. So, there you have it. This is my first blogger event, ever! And I hope this won’t be my last. I enjoyed the event as well as the company of the other bloggers too. 🙂

Value for money : 4 out of5
Environment : 5 out of 5
Food : 4 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5

I heard they will be opening another branch in SM Sucat by the end of February. Congratulations in advance. I will be definitely one of your returning customers. Cheers!!


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