Lunch at Pan de Amerikana

Been quite a while when I saw this restaurant being featured on some food reviews. I just got no time to check out the place yet. Last week, with no plans at all, me and my friend went there. I told her I was so hungry and I wanted to eat like its the end of the world.  The place is fun. There’s a lot of air coming in so, you won’t feel hot even if you just came from the streets outside. There were a lot of customers on a Wednesday afternoon. They’re all having lunch at 3 in the afternoon. Hahaha!

If you want to dine in a garden setting (waterfalls, tree house, ropr bridge, koi pond, traviesa benches, old antique wood tables, batibot chairs and tables, tropical rain forest plants, wishing well, Italian colonnade European ruins…

If you want to play chess for free and if you want to see a life-sized wind driven Netherland windmill, this is the place!

Oh, and they have free wi-fi connection, too!

Food looks great, right?! Yes, no need to describe them. And look at our bill. Need I say more?

Value for money : 5 out of 5
Environment : 5 out of 5
Food : 3.5 out of 5
Service: 4 out of 5

Pan de Amerikana

Location: White Plains, Katipunan, QC Philippines
Contact #: 4752398
Operating Hrs: Monday – Saturday : 7am-9pm ; Sundays: 7am-3pm only
Website: Here
Facebook Page: Here

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