People: My Unexpected Valentine’s Date

Last Valentine’s Day, I was invited to attend the Globe Prepaid Event in Intercontinental Hotel in Makati. Since Francis and I didn’t have any plans of going in a date because he has to report for work at night time, I thought it would be good for me to check this event. This is my second event that I got the invite as a Blogger. My very first one was here.

My friend, Aileen also joined the Globe event but she was a bit late. After the lunch was served to us and after long and fun story-telling sessions with each other, we decided to just go out within the area and pamper ourselves for a foot spa and pedicure. So, this how she became my valentine’s date. 😛

We headed to The Spa in Greenbelt. Let me tell you a little bit of our experience on this place. When we opened the door and entered the place, there’s no one who greeted and welcomed us. Though we can already see the reception area with the receptionist smiling at us (I think). Then we told her what services we want, swiped Aileen‘s credit card and soon enough, we we’re already in the dark room in where we will be pampered. 2 ladies started our foot spa and massage. The massage was so-so. I thought, the lady assigned to me haven’t had lunch because I can’t even feel her massaging my feet. When she was done, she disappeared. While the lady assigned to Aileen continue working on her feet and legs. We already fell asleep when I realized there’s still no one working on my nails. Then we found out that there is only one person assigned to both of us to do our nails!! Gosh!

It took us almost 3.5hrs in total for the supposedly 30min foot spa, 30min foot massage, 30-45mins of pedicure and 30mins of manicure. Imagine that! We we’re really disappointed knowing that we we’re on a prestiged “relaxation & pampering” place. I guess, we expected too much huh!

Photo credits to Aileen:

I am happy to have her as my valentine’s date. 😛 I guess, this is also the start of a very good friendship with her. We’re still in the process of getting more about each other and I must say, at this early stage, I am enjoying her company. I may  have lost some in my friends’ list (in bulk), and now, I feel that I am being blessed with new friends, one by one. 😛

Love, Nessie


10 thoughts on “People: My Unexpected Valentine’s Date

  1. Liz says:

    Glad you had a nice time even though the service wasn’t great. I’m not a big fan of spas, to be honest, but a relaxing girls’ night out is always fun 🙂


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