Travel: The Cebu Cathedral Museum

When Francis and I were in Cebu last February 9-12, 2012, we wanted to make sure we visit all those place we love when we we’re still based here. Churches and most specially, the restaurants! We love the food here, so much. Aside from they’re a lot cheaper than in Manila, they’re all really yummy. 😛 Before heading to our food fiesta itenerary, we went to visit the 2 famous churches in Cebu which are also really close to our hearts – Sto.Niño Basilica and Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. We attended mass and bought some Sto.Niño’s. Then we went to Cebu Cathedral Museum. Just crossing the street beside the cathedral is the museum already. It was a bit raining and there we’re groupd of toddlers having their educational tour here. They’re sooo cutie! 🙂

We we’re welcomed by their security guard, the receptionist and a golden retriever, all of ’em we’re friendly. I love it when the dog started waiving his tail when he saw us. It’s like he knew us. For those who will visit this place, don’t be scared of the guard dog – he’s friendly. 🙂

At the start, I can say that this place is well-loved and well-preserved. Though the place is really old, you can feel the positive vibes and the cool breeze of air flowing. I just felt sad when the receptionist mentioned to us that it has years that they’re gathering funds for its renovation… Since 1800, this has survived eartquakes, typhoons, war and all other elements, this museum building is the rectory of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral and now serves as ecclesiastical museum showcasing regional church facade and artifacts. Not to mention that this is Cardinal Vidal’s baby.

Now let me take you to a tour around the museum. First stop, the Carmen Collection, this their small-restored chapel just right after the museum entrance.

And here’s the collections displayed on the second floor fo the museum.

When we are checking out what’s on the back door area, we saw the car that Pope John II used when he was in Cebu. Felt bad that the car was just outside and I think, needs a litle cleaning up to preserve it, too.

The car used by Pope John Paul II when he was in Cebu

The museum is very organized. Each piece of artifact is carefully displayed with captions about them for the visitors to read and learn. The backyard is also big enough for functions like birthdays, weddings and other celebrations which the building Admin accepts. I think, this will be a very nice place for our lolo and lola’s golden wedding anniversary or even our parent’s wedding anniversary.

If you will have to visit Cebu, I recommend you include this in your itenerary. This way, you get to learn about the religious side of the city and at the same time, you get to help on raising funds for their renovation and restoration of the building.. 😛


17 thoughts on “Travel: The Cebu Cathedral Museum

  1. Ricky says:

    I had been to this place a few years back (when I wasn’t blogging yet) and I find it eerie to see those old things displayed though it was telling us about the rich history of Cebu, Philippines.


  2. boundfortwo says:

    I often visit this place during my board exam review days to pray. It’s very solemn and ideal place to communicate with God 🙂 Have you tried to pray with the image of our Lady of Guadalupe there? Pray and your wish will be granted 🙂


  3. Myk Malag says:

    I haven’t been here though I have visited Cebu twice but work related. Hopefully my third visit will be a vacation visit so I could roam around Cebu and include this place in my itinerary.


  4. rmbulseco says:

    This is what I loved about Cebu – the churches! I am not religious although napakasolemn when your inside. Really appreciate the architecture.


  5. marrimye says:

    I am not enthusiastic when it comes to visiting museums. I feel so weird and its eery to see old furniture, tools and other utensils.


  6. markpogi says:

    I recall visiting CEbu a few years back but we weren’t able to visit this museum. Good thing they allow tourist to take pictures of their artifacts.


  7. Jason Cruz (@jsncruz) says:

    I’ve never been to Cebu on a leisure trip, only work, and your post makes me want to go there even more. I especially love the history within the walls of old Philippine cathedrals, history no Filipino should go without learning.


  8. ralph says:

    been to cebu before, but we haven’t visited their cathedral museum… these are really precious since it speaks of our heritage. Yahweh bless.


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