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This is actually a late post. I am happy Francis likes to watch movies like this with me. Though, there we’re some that he said no and all I can do is a smirk on my face. Haha! 😛

Anyway, we enjoyed this movie. Just like the other Tagalog movies like Popoy and Basha. Haha! 🙂 Me and Francis are corporate slaves just like Angel and John Lloyd in this movie. Got closer to each other when we we’re assigned to work together on a team. Together almost all days of the week for 2yrs. Lunch, dinner together, everyday. But unlike in this movie, we didn’t had that “sex relationship”. He had a girlfriend and I was also with someone else. Being together everyday, I know you know what happened next. 😛 This is why we we’re able to relate ourselves to this movie.

Office relationships can be tempting. Specially when you are with the same set of people almost everyday of the week. Going out for lunch, dinner and still going out during weekends over coffee or beer, all of these can bridge the “getting-to-know” moments. And eventually, both of you will realize that you’d like to be with each other more than the persons that you should be with. Falling in love, in short. Some will also say that if you love your boy friend or your girl friend, you wouldn’t get closer to any other girls or guys more than your girl friend/boy friend. That you shouldn’t be confused if you wanna spend time with your “officemate” or your boy friend/girl friend. Uhmm.. I don’t know. I have experienced this and I fell in love and now I’m married with my “officemate”. To top this all, I don’t have any regrets.

So, that was it. I don’t judge people who fell on this trap. Because I believe in destiny. Regardless if you’re with a person with 10yrs or more, if he or she is not meant for you, one will never be contented. There will always be a time that you’re looking for something else. Some couples just got together for a few months, and they decided to get married. Ironic, right? But, I think, that’s the wonder of love. Ayiii.. 😛

Love, Nessie


24 thoughts on “Status: Unofficially Yours

  1. Didi says:

    Haven’t watched the movie yet although I heard Popoy and Basha’s movie was better. I also married my officemate, the fact that the first movie he invited me to was a JL movie probably melted my heart ha ha.


  2. Jenny O'Toole says:

    Sorry I don’t watch this type of film unless a friend will take me out to watch this I would love to. Hehehe Pa-libre in short!
    I believe in destiny too. My husband is my destiny. We are destined to each other.


  3. mheanne ojeda says:

    I can relate in a way when it comes to office relationship and agree that love is not measured by years. i met my boyfriend while he was doing internship in my office so i was his boss. for almost 5 years now we are in a wonderful relationship without the three – letter word intimacy hehe.


  4. Irene @ Inspiration From The Little Things says:

    I haven’t seen the film. But yes, it is easy to fall for someone when you’re together most days of the week. I’ve seen that happen to a lot of people. I think it’s good kasi the reason you fall is because you get to know the person better. And yes, destiny! I believe in that. 🙂


  5. iamsuperleah says:

    Hehe.. Hindi ko pa napapanood to. I heard yung plot nito is quite similar sa movie na “Friends with Benefits”.. YUn ang sabi ng mga kakilala ko. So I have to watch the movie muna to prove kung tama ba ang sabi nila o mali.. XD


  6. Gagay says:

    i really enjoyed the movie..but i was kind’a disappointed also because the movie seems to be a Fil version of the combination of no strings attached and friends with benefits..hehehe


  7. markpogi says:

    Their Chemistry seems to be a hit to almost everyone who loves watching Channel 2 shows.

    Perhaps, I’ll wait for its DVD release so we could watch it from home =)


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