Healthtea at Californiaberry!

Cool, creamy, and bursting with excitement-- it’s no wonder why most people are so caught up with the milk tea craze. But how about trying something from the makers of the biggest froyo chain in the country? Now, that’s something new for sure. Who wouldn’t love cooling down with a semi-sweet, flavorful combo of milk and tea while dabbling … Continue reading Healthtea at Californiaberry!


The Starbucks Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwhich

Last week, I was in Makati for a Client meeting. While waiting, I decided to get a coffee and a sandwhich in Starbucks. Was about to order my favorite, when I decided to take another glance at their food warmer. I saw the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwhich lined among along with the other sandwhiches. After … Continue reading The Starbucks Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwhich