The Ultimate Sundae Experience at “Swensen’s”

There are times that I am craving for something sweet. Not just sweets, but really really sweet food. It’s just an extra point if its going to be cold. 😉 As I’ve mentioned in my past posts, it is our weekly routine to go to SM Mall of Asia to watch their fireworks show, but this time, to see the Philippine Pyro Olympics competition. We had lunch before heading there so me and my Grumpy decided to just grab desserts for us. Then we found ourselves getting a table at Swensen’s. 🙂

Since it a weekends, the place was jam-packed. A lot of kids, actually. The crews and the manager on duty were running back and forth to their customers. We were greeted immediately by the manager and she got a table for 2 for us. Served us with 2 glasses of water while looking at their menu.

Finally, we have decided what to get. 🙂

For me: Gold Rush (chocolate & coffee ice cream w/ caramel & hot fudge) Php 220.00

For him: Chocolate Crunch (reversible chocolate and sticky chewy chocolate w/ hot fudge) Php 255.00

iced Mocha Php 125.00

American Tower Php140.00

Catch on our wallet: Desserts & 1 can of soda Php 580.36 + 12% VAT Php 69.64 = Php 650.00. Not bad. I think, this is all worth it! 🙂

Date of visit: March 03, 2012

Here’s what they have on their menu. 🙂

Their Menu

My own rating
Place: 4 out of 5
Service: 4.5 out of 5
Taste: 5 out of 5
Price: 4.5 out of 5

Swensen’s – The Ultimate Sundae Experience
Location: GF South Wing of SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City Philippines
Contact #: (02) 804 00046
Facebook Page: Here
Twitter: Here

Verdict: This place definitely will be one of the reasons that I will keep on going to SM Mall of Asia. 😉

So Crazy with Garlic at “Krazy Garlik”

March 2, 2012 – Friday, was the first time that my Grumpy will be having a rest day on a weekday after a year. This change in his word schedule will also affect our weekends food trips. And this does not actually changed our plans. 🙂 So, we headed to Greenbelt to grab dinner. We always wanted to try this place but we always got caught up with other restaurants. But this time, we finally got ourselves here.

Located at the 2nd level of Greenbelt 5 mall, the place was jam-packed. There are actually customers outside waiting for their tables. After 5 minutes of waiting, we were just lucky that there when we arrived, there were vacant seats already.

Here’s their waiting area. Those garlic stufed toys are so cute. They come is 2 sizes. I forgot to ask for their price. 😦

While waiting for our table, we were given their menu. It looked promising. I love garlic and my eyes literally widened while looking at their menu. Haha! 🙂

The moment that our table is ready, I knew already what to order. 🙂 While waiting for our food, our table was also being prepared by one of their waiters. And i took some photos while waiting.

Finally, our food arrived. Ready? Game!! 😛

For me: Alice Blush (Orage, Ripe Mango & Soda) Php 180.00

I super love this healthy quencher – Alice Blush. This one, I just asked the waiter what their best drinks and he suggested this. The combination of ripe mango and orange is perfect for me. Those 2 lychees, heaven! I wanted to order another one of this but its a bit pricey.

For him: Bottomless Iced Tea Php 110.00

Chinese Style Fried Rice ( Chinese sausage, vegetables & shitake mushrooms) For Share Php 365.00

This fried rice has a unique flavor. We can’t actually explain it. But we love this.

Pork Rib Adobo (cooked w/ olive oil, premium soy sauce & plenty of garlic) Php 495.00

This one? Uhmm.. so so.. I didn’t got the taste of garlic that I was expecting on this menu. I also didn’t like the sauce. This to me taste like the usual beef pares in some local street food.

Krazy Garlik Porkchops (thick & juicy grilled pork chops served with mashed potato in al ajillo or creamy mushroom sauce) Php 550.00

My husband love his pork chops. I tasted the mashed potato, ’twas not good for me. It’s not smooth enough and there are also bits of potato – not properly mashed, I think.


Overall, this place satisfied our hunger that night.

Total catch on our wallet: Php 1,700.00 + VAT Php 182.26 + Service Charge Php 151.78 = Php 1,851.78. Kaching!! Pricey? Pricey!

My own rating:

  • Place : 4 out of 5
  • Service : 4 out of 5
  • Taste : 4 out of 5
  • Price : 3 out of 5
Date of visit: March 02, 2012
Krazy Garlik
Location: 2F Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati, Philippines
Phone #: (02) 501 3752