Dinner to Breakfast at Stackers Burger Cafe

While watching our favorite late night tv show, we just realized we’re hungry. And no more convincing sessions, me and Francis got up, dressed up and headed to Eastwood to grab something for our tummies. Since it was already late, most of the restos were closed so we just went to Stackers. We have had good experience here, so no problem if we eat here, again 😀 Since most of the restos were closed already, there is only one table here that was not occupied – so lucky us! As usual, the service crews are very friendly. Some of them are already cleaning up the store and some of them were just having a good time singing along with the music playing. Haha! 🙂 It was a friendly environment when we went there.

Here’s what we got:

For me: Stackers Blend – Perfectly brewed cuppa coffee | Php60.00

Bolognese – Spaghetti with Meaty Tomato Sauce & Topped with Cheese | Php98.00

For him: Fish & Chips w/ Rice (half) – Fish Fillet in Crispy Crust that’s great with Tartar Sauce. Served with Crunchy Chips and Optional Rice | Php 160.00

For me: Meat Lover’s Omelette – Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Onion & Tomato served with Toast | Php 155.00

Burp! This place is awesome. Serving 24hrs, make it really awesome! 😀

Date of visit: March 10, 2012


5 thoughts on “Dinner to Breakfast at Stackers Burger Cafe

  1. Joanna Carpio Asmus says:

    You made me hungry as well. Only a place like Stackers is nowhere around the corner for us here!

    But you made me add them to places to check out when I finally bring my entire family to visit the Philippines.

    BTW, delicious images!


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