What’s with the Magnum?

Crazy. This is what I can say at the moment. People of the Philippines are going crazy about this. And I must admit, I am one of those crazy people. Haha! 😀 I’m a certified chocoholic, what I can do?

So, what’s with the Magnum? Magnum is an ice cream brand owned by the British/Dutch Unilever company and sold as part of the Heartbrand line of products in most countries. It was originally made by Frisco in Aarhus, Denmark. The original 1987 Magnum (later rebranded as Magnum Classic) consisted of a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick, covered with white or dark chocolate, with a weight of 86 grams (120ml). – from Wikipedia


Here’s another one: The meaning of the name Magnum is Big, Great


Last week, me and Francis finally gave in. We headed to a convenience store and bought 3. The classic, almond and the chocolate truffle. Verdict? We fell in love with them. In just a matter of 10 minutes, we finished ’em all. Haha! 😀

We personally love the chocolate truffle. Haha! Before we headed home, we brought 8 pieces of chocolate truffles. So we have stocks in the fridge. 😛


4 thoughts on “What’s with the Magnum?

  1. Tauyanm says:

    haha everyone;s tweeting about magnum its crazy! i can feel it though I’m in singapore hhaha i love magnum as well! you forgt everything when u eat something like it though its not magnum i think haha i can have unlimited magnum in singapore airlines as well! they serve it in their planes haha xx


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