Meet Yelley

For several months, I have been on a hunt for  table lamp. A lamp that I can use when I’m using my laptop. I want a lamp that’s not too big or bulky. I don’t want those that needs to be plugged in the electric sockets or neither those which uses batteries. Me and Francis found a lamp in the malls which are actually USB lamps. I like those already but they are just too big for me and they’re a bit pricey. 😦

Last week, while checking out online buying sites for a discounted summer escapades, I came across E and found this tiny beautiful lamp. Super cuuute!!

Reading its description, I got excited. This fits exactly what I want and what I have been hunting for months now.

Here’s its specs:

  • Touchable Energy-Saving Lamp
  • Portable desk lamp
  • Soft touch to adjust the brightness
  • 180 degree rotation
  • 6 hours to charge 6-80 hours of continuous light
  • USB charging cable
  • Weight Approx.: 280g
  • Size Approx.: 19 x 10 x 8.5 cm
  • Color: Pink, Yellow and White (subject to availability)

These are what exactly I want!! Perfect. So, I went ahead in ordering this. In just a snap, I got my confirmed voucher and send it the email address as per the instructions. I specifically asked for the pink lamp but didn’t get it. I got the yellow lamp instead. I got frustrated, sent an email again and feedback to E, however, as of this writing, I have not gotten any response from them.

Anyway, I am using my lamp now. I needed this so that when it becomes dark already, I don’t need to turn on our main lights, the lamp being an LED already, is enough to provide lights for me to see my laptop. Haha! 😀

Now, I’d like you to meet Yelley – my yellow lamp. 😀

Oh, and by the way, that’s also Evy – my best friend lappy. 😛

I am loving Yelly now. 😀


11 thoughts on “Meet Yelley

  1. Gagay Dinampo says:

    i used to shop at E also..but only those travel and vacation packages..hehehe…i love your lamp she a boy, or a girl?but yelley?must a girl, right?

    we are the same..i also give names to my gadgets and stuff.. ;D i have deborah. maysa, oshi, and more..hahaha..


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