OB Encounter, Finally!

For the past 3 days, I’ve been back and forth in Medical City clinic in Gateway mall in Cubao. This is to finally conquer my fear of facing a Gynecologyst. Haha! πŸ˜€ You know, Francis and I have been married for almost 2yrs now and we have always been wanting to have our own little angel. Our relatives, friends, colleagues – everybody is telling us to seek advise from a doctor. But I just didn’t have the courage yet. Sorry naman po. πŸ™‚

Here’s what happened…

Day 1: Tuesday – March 20, 2012: I woke up wanting to go to Medical City clinic in Gateway mall and see an OB Gyne. Not sure, why and how I came up with that thoughts, I just realized I’m already on the road to the doctor. When I arrived, there were not so many patients waiting. It was already patient #63 and I got my waiting #69. Not bad! So, I went straight to the receptionist and told them my purpose of being there. It is not my 1st time there so, I didn’t need to fill up their patient’s form anymore. After I sign the form and they’ve swipe my health card, they told that they will just call me in the nurse station so I have to wait.

The place is really cold and there were no patients waiting except me! I started to felt shivers all over my body. I told myself, “this is it!”. While in that vacant waiting Β lounge, I patiently waited for the Nurse to call me in their station.

After about 30 minutes, I heard my name. So I approached the Nurse and she started checking my blood pressure, height and weight. I told the Nurse if she can also help me check my blood sugar and she agreed immediately. So, she brought me to their laboratory and started the process.

After a few minutes, she got the results and my blood sugar is in normal level. Nice! πŸ™‚ Then she told me, to wait for the Gynecologyst. Oh my!

So, again, I patiently waited for my name to be called. I sat just in front of the Doctor’s office since I wanna make sure I will hear it when she called my name. It was merely an hour and I was getting impatient. Soon enough, I saw and heard the Doctor calling my name. She was nice. We talked about everything from sexual intercourse, to fertility, to ovulation, to monthly period – name it! Haha! I thought, its going to be awkward talking to a Doctor about these things, but its not. It was actually fun. Because she understands whatever I told her. And she has answers to all my ignorant questions. Hehe πŸ˜›

Then all of a sudden she asked me to lie down. Huwat?? WTH?! No. I went here for consultation and not for you to do something in me. Haha!! But not sure what happened, but I actually didn’t say no at all. Maybe because I enjoyed talking to her. She explained to me what she was about to do. She called it as Papsmear. And that it’ll be uncomfortable. And that I just have to relax. My god!! How can I relax if there’s a person doing something in my.. you know! Haha!! She told me that this will tell her if there’s something wrong or if there’s any infections in the exteriors of my… you know!

And that concludes my 1st day with my OB. And in that room, happened another “first time” in my life. She told me that she saw nothing wrong at all. I was happy. πŸ˜€

Day 2: Wednesday – March 21, 2012: I went back there to have my TVS (trans-vaginal ultrasound). I won’t tell here in details anymore on what is this about. I suggest to check with Google na lang. Haha! But I can tell you, this is the most uncomfortable moment in my life!! Gosh!! This session will help the Doctors see what’s in my uterus.

After paying Php 1,755.00 in the cashier, I waited again for my name to be called.

After a few minutes, a guy nurse approached me and told me to go inside the ultrasound room and change with their lab gown. Uhmmm… my 1st reaction: “Kuya, ikaw ba mag u-ultrasound skin?” Haha!! He politely answered: “ay hindi po, si Doctora po.” My gedd!! I felt relieved!! So, I went inside and saw this ultrasound machine – same with what’s being used for pregnant women. I grabbed the lab gown, changed and then lied down in the bed beside it.

After a few minutes, the doctor came in and started the ultrasound. I’m telling you, it was really U-N-C-O-M-F-O-R-T-A-B-L-E!! Β Left and right, up and down. Imagine that!! And it lasted for like 10-12mins.

See?! That’s my uterus! Haha!! I asked the doctor if there’s something to be worried about these photos and she said, “everything seems to be fine.” I felt gladness in my heart. I can’t wait to show this to my OB…

Day 3: Thursday – March 22, 2012: I went back to see my OB and to have her also see the results of my ultrasound. There were a lot of patients waiting for her too. So I have to wait for merely 1 and a half hour for me. When it was my turn, we were like the 1st day. Happy discussions. And she was happy with the results. Nothing wrong with me! Yey!! I just need to take some fertility pills and we have to closely monitor my egg cells ovulation process. I really felt relieved and happy. Thank God!! πŸ™‚

Next month, I will see her again. And I have to undergo ultrasound again for 3 times next month. This is to closely monitor my ovulation. Gastos!! Haha! πŸ˜€ But this doesn’t matter anymore to me, as long as I’m healthy, I’m good with that. And for the love of having our own little angel, anything!



29 thoughts on “OB Encounter, Finally!

  1. enzo says:

    “Then all of a sudden she asked me to lie down. Huwat?? WTH?! No. I went here for consultation and not for you to do something in me. Haha!! But not sure what happened, but I actually didn’t say no at all. Maybe because I enjoyed talking to her. She explained to me what she was about to do. She called it as Papsmear. And that it’ll be uncomfortable. And that I just have to relax. My god!! How can I relax if there’s a person doing something in my.. you know!”

    hahahaha…will never have this experience since i’m a man but it sure is not very comfortable to have other person doing something in your …you know…hehehe


  2. nookiesosa says:

    Hahaha. Cute! Wala pa si baby sa labas ng tummy pero nagbabonding na kayo. Glad to know that you are really excited with your pregnancy and your baby. Hope maging healthy sya at maging safe kayo pareho sa paglabas nya πŸ™‚


  3. Robi Marapao says:

    I’m happy that you’ve finally experienced that breakthrough.
    Good luck for the baby Angel that two of you are longing for.
    Lift up this desire to God; He’s the best Doctor. πŸ˜‰
    God bless…


  4. ria says:

    OMG! I know how uncomfortable TVS is. Grabe lang, nakakaculture shock. I’m also not used to other people doing something with my, you know, but I had to take it because my OB thought I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Ako naman, everytime Im late, I have to take my meds. And so also to prevent being infertile if in the future I wanna have babies πŸ™‚

    Good luck on trying to have your little angel. Im sure it’ll come in the right place and the right time πŸ™‚


  5. VIoly says:

    alam mo I hate going to doctors much more sa mga hospitals.. hehe… goodluck!! Your baby will come in God’s time… now you know that there is nothing wrong with you very soon you’ll have your baby… soon it’s my turn.. naku malalim na buntung hininga eto… hehe. I’m already 35 and still single…. kelan kaya ang first baby wag naman pag naman sana line of 40… lol! ;))


  6. Cha Sy says:

    Huwat??????? Ness everything happens with a reason and in God’s time. Malay mo bukas makalawa andyan na si baby mo. Meanwhile enjoy muna kayo ni mister mo po.


  7. Irene Cortez says:

    Congratulations for finally gaining the courage to see a gynecologist! That must be really awkward! I used to be a med student and experienced doing gynecological exams on some patients. I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all, because I was the one doing the tests. But to be a patient… that’s a totally different story! Haha!!!


  8. edmaration says:

    It is really nice to read your womanhood diary, hehe.. And you documented it nicely ah in fairness.

    My patients also have the same reaction like you did whenever I remove their clothes and perform some procedures that need to be naked.. They don’t want at first but it is just a job, haha,.. they can not to anything but to show off because it is a part of the procedure. πŸ™‚


  9. tess says:

    my first experienced with gyne was when I was stilll single and a virgin .hehehe , i forgot the reason ,how I got there. i knew, I was in college then . kinalikot at yung na nga okay naman daw. natakot din ako.


  10. rachelle says:

    I can totally relate! I’ve had my you-know-down-there poked and prodded by my OB and it is, hands down, the most uncomfortable moment in my life. Ever. I always dread my visits to the OB. As in.


  11. Sheng Sheryl Lotilla Apuhin says:

    relate na relate ako…hahahaha..the pamsmear and all..omg talaga!!!!!1 hello! the first time ko naman is preggy na ako..gaun pala yun…the ultrasound and all.. ay naku kapatid wait if preggy ka ang oras ng panganganak..ako nga ang shave sa akin lalaki..hahaha..pero dahil masalit na ang tiyan..la ng hiyahiya basta matapos na lahat..


  12. marianne says:

    Hi sissy,
    Glad to read this blog of yours. Me and my husband is also planning to have a check up at medical city gateway. Thanks for this info,nawala konti kaba ko. God will bless us. :))


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