A Blast From The Past

Been very lazy to update my page lately, not sure why. And because of this, I got so many articles already lined up for posting. Tsk! But I’d like to catch up by sharing our little ย girl’s graduation. It was last March 31 and held in their school – San Isidro Elementary School in Antipolo City. This is my very time to attend an elementary graduation. Because I am the only child of my parents and my cousins were living far from us, so there’s no way that I can attend one. But, when I said “our little girl” it is Sutla.

Yes, her name is Sutla. She’s not actually biologically related to us. But her mom is really really close to us. She’s like a sister to my mom. When she got pregnant with Sutla, she stayed in our house until she gave birth. And from then on, we were like family. Why Sutla? Because, the night before the baby came out, we were watching that Filipino x-rated movie of Priscila Almeda titled Sutla. Haha! ๐Ÿ˜›

Then the next day, the baby came out. Super cute!! And she was the very first baby in our house. So everyone loves her. And me, being the only child, I’m so excited to have a younger sister. And it was decided to name her Sutla. Haha! We treated her like ours. When she was growing up, her mom decided to move out and just rent their own apartment. But that didn’t stop us from seeing each other. Sutla calls my mom as Mama. ๐Ÿ™‚ All those years, she’s my sister. All the support I can give was given to her unconditionally. She is very well-loved.

After those years, she has grown as a fine lady. She now knows how to use a mobile phone. Uses my own lotions. Asks me to give her perfumes. Little lady! ๐Ÿ˜€ Then, recently, she just graduated from elementary school. All of us were so excited. I cancelled all my appointments and made sure I will be there to witness it. It was an overwhelming experience, seeing her with her classmates and to top it all, seeing her marching as one of the graduates.

So, there you go. She got the 6th honorable mention award in their class. We were so happy and proud as a bee. Haha!!

I may not have a biological sister, but she is already my little sister. I love her to the bones. The whole family loves her too, so much! And everybody is so happy and proud that you have graduated already. Now, she’s off to high school. Can’t explain the happiness I’m feeling while writing this post. ๐Ÿ™‚


16 thoughts on “A Blast From The Past

  1. tejan says:

    wow you are so sweet Ness and she’s lucky to have you! Sutla indeed is a pretty lady now and she looks kind too. My congratulations! Godbless!


  2. Marri Bermudez says:

    To see our loved one overflowing with joy because she has succeed… is something to cherish and remember for life. CONGRATS to the graduate and thumbs up to you and your sister.


  3. i am greyish (@iamgreyish) says:

    Oh wow, I feel bad for here when she would ask you guys why she was named Sutla. I don’t think I’d appreciate it that I was named after a p0rn movie/star. But then again, I think your “little sister” doesn’t mind it? Congratulations to your family by the way.


  4. zhlryz says:

    a unique name.. btw, does she know how you got her name? hahaha!
    anyway, congratulations! indeed, blood relation is never a requirement to love and show compassion to a person.


  5. rachelle says:

    a unique name! btw, does she know how you got her name? hahaha!
    anyway, congratulations! indeed, blood relation is never required to show love and compassion to a person. ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. Cha says:

    Congratulations Sutla! Strive more in high school! Fly high! Excelsior!

    Ness, it was so sweet of you to cancel all your appointments just to attend Sutla’s graduation! How I wish everyone has a pure heart like yours Ness<3!

    Happy Easter Ness, Sutla and family!


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