Travel: Pink Sisters Convent

With my husband’s family, we went to several churches on the last day of March. This is to offer thanksgiving because my brother-in-law is graduating as Summa cum Laude in their Law School. How cool is that??!! 😀 We rented a van so the kiddos can also join us. After visiting and attending mass in a few churches here in Manila, we headed to Tagaytay – in the Pink Sister’s Convent. We just had breakfast before heading there I was pretty much sleeping the whole time we were travelling to Tagaytay. I just woke up we were in the gate already. Haha!!

The place was so quiet even though there were a lot of people already doing their station of the cross rituals. I also noticed 6 buses full of elderly women touring the place. Imagine that! So, the place was kinda jampacked. But as I said, the place was so quiet and solemn.. When we arrived, it was almost an hour before lunch time. And the pink sisters were all at the altar praying and actually preparing for their usual praise songs before they have their lunch. So, the guard was a bit strict in terms of noise. Kids weren’t allowed to roam around the chapel. They should just be sitting beside their parents. Camera’s were also not allowed near the chapel. If ever, people will be taking pictures, make sure flash is turned-off and the camera is in silent-mode.

Pink Sisters was founded by St.Arnold Janssen

One thing which amazed me during our visit here is that each of the Pink Sisters takes turn to adore and offer prayers to the blessed sacrament and keep the prayerful vigil for 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Inside the chapel

There’s the Pink Sisters

The parking area which is guarded by the statue of St.Michael the Archangel

Right after the parking area is a huge garden which I must say is very well taken cared of. The plants and flowers were awesome. Nothing really unusual on the plants – they’re just the ordinary ones we have on our gardens too, but, you can really see the cleanliness of the place.  There was this old woman who was sweeping the dried leaves who’s also wearing pink (just like a pajama terno). She just didn’t agree to have her picture with us.

A huge crucifix right in front of the chapel

The ten commandments in stone along with the crucifix


Sacred Heart’s statue at the side of the chapel


This place is really awesome. I’m glad I was able to visit this and offer thanksgiving. I hope to visit here again, soon. 🙂



16 thoughts on “Travel: Pink Sisters Convent

  1. edmaration says:

    Pink Sisters is a church I am eyeing to anytime this month or nest month. I always wanted to visit religious structures in Baguioo including their Taoist temple 🙂


  2. edmaration says:

    Pink Sisters is a church I am eyeing to anytime this month or nest month. I always wanted to visit religious structures in Baguioo including their Taoist temple :).


  3. violy says:

    wow summa cum laude! and law school pa! a big wow! congrats to your brother in law! We also have a Pink Sister’s convent in Baguio, reading the title at first I thought it’s the same one. Unfortunately I have not explored Tagaytay yet, we used to travel to Nasugbu almost every week from Makati for work before and we always pass by Tagaytay, most of the time we only drop by Tagaytay for dinner or if we want to buy something in their wet market.. hehe. Hope to explore Tagaytay soon and hopefuly visit this chapel too.. 😉


  4. Cha says:

    Congrats to your brother-in-law at good luck sa Bar exam. I visited Pink sister before and if may pagkakataon bumibisita kami sa kanila.


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