Max’s Creates Barkada Bonding Moments with 4Sharing Meals

If there are two things that young Filipinos love to share, it will be food and bonding moments with their friends. This is what homegrown fast casual dining restaurant Max’s brings to the table with its latest group meal offering, “4Sharing Meals.” Max’s new campaign seeks to create unique and memorable experiences for diners, regardless of their age, gender and lifestyle.

Last Thursday, April 12, 2012, I was invited to attend the Media Launch of Max’s 4Sharing Meals in their branch in Scout Tuazon, Quezon City. The event was led by the well-known Philippine radio entertainment program hosts Chico, Delamar and Gino. The place is awesome. When I arrived, there were already guests enjoying themselves. Tables were arranged accordingly in where guests were grouped by 4 per table. Maybe you have an idea now what’s on this event… 🙂

Max’s 4Sharing Meals will officially starts today, April 15, 2012.

Starting April 15, Max’s will be offering a sumptuous spread of one whole, regular, sarap-to the-bones Fried Chicken, a bowl of piping hot Sinigang, four servings of rice, and four glasses of iced tea to customers dining in groups of four. What makes Max’s new offering even more exciting is that customers may choose from a variety of Sinigang favoritesSinigang na Baboy, Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus, Sinigang na Hipon, and Sinigang na Tyan at Ulo ng Salmon.

At PhP 799 or a total savings of PhP187, 4Sharing is the most affordable meal bundle that Max’s has offered to the public.

“Max’s 4Sharing Campaign is about understanding and responding to the needs of our customers, whether they are groups of teenagers hanging out together, young professionals meeting up for lunch, or seasoned Max’s customers craving for their favorite comfort dishes. With Max’s new offering, they get the best of everything – delectable dishes that are signature to Max’s at the most budget-friendly price, so they can enjoy and share these meals to their heart’s content,” enthused Edgar Allan Caper, Marketing Director for Max’s Restaurant.

“We have observed that Filipinos love to dine in small groups of three or four, and that they love to pair Max’s Fried Chicken with heirloom dishes like Sinigang. Max’s 4Sharing was specifically created for these customers. The generous serving, the scrumptious dishes and the value-for-money aspect create the perfect ingredients for our customers to fully engage in bonding moments with their friends and families,” Caper added.

“The sight of young people digging into their favorite Max’s Fried Chicken, the reverberating sound of laughter, the never ending stories about adventures, heartbreaks, dreams and milestones – these are the priceless components of Max’s 4Sharing Meals. We want to nurture these and create more unforgettable memories for our customers by offering the best food, the most welcoming ambience and quality service that comes from the heart,” Caper shared.

What more can we ask for, right? But, Max’s hasn’t stopped yet in giving us something to rave about and take our excitement level one notch higher. Max’s has cooked up the biggest surprise for its young, hip and technologically-savvy customer base. Max’s leveraged on its official website, as a platform to launch its 4Sharing Meals. The hottest iPhone 4S units will be up for grabs, with 4 weekly online raffle winners, for a period of 8 weeks!

 A total of 32 brand new iPhone 4S for all of us!!! 

Here’s how to get the chance of having those iPhones. Click on the photo for the full mechanics. 

Get 3 of your closes friends or family to any Max’s Restaurant and order their 4Sharing Meal. Your official receipt will be your official entry. How cool is that, yeah!! In all Max’s Restaurants, Wi–Fi is available for you. So after you enjoyed your 4Sharing Meal, enjoy being online by registering to Max’s website and just fill in the required information. Whew!! That is soooo easy! One 4Sharing Meal official receipt entitles you to one online entry!!

Max’s 4Sharing Group Meal offering will be available for delivery and take-out, from April 15 to June 10, 2012 in all of Max’s branches nationwide.  It’s time to make the beeline once again to Max’s Restaurant!

We had a very good time in the event. Max’s Marketing and Executive Teams handled it very well – very organized. Kudos to all of them! 🙂

Learn more about Max’s 4Sharing Meals by logging on to Visit be the first to know about the coolest offerings from the Filipino’s most loved brand.


11 thoughts on “Max’s Creates Barkada Bonding Moments with 4Sharing Meals

  1. Axl Powerhouse says:

    ang bilis ha… kahapon ng start to di ba? hahha kakain din kami nito kahapon sa festival.. yan din ang order namin ng mga bloggers…
    sulit na sulit ang sharing tas may chance pa nanalo..


  2. Sumi says:

    I like this promo a lot since our family is a group of 4! 😀 Super swerte we have a Max’s near our house. Pwedeng padeliver or take out ‘pag tamad magluto.. haha.. XD


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