Caleruega : Closer to Nature, Closer to God

When I was planning for my wedding a little over a year ago, Caleruega actually made it to my list of churches. I haven’t been there during that time that I was scouting for churches but I have heard a lot of good things about it. “Beautiful, awesome, enchanting” and many more good words about it. But unfortunately, it is located a bit far in Manila which will be very inconvenient for my guests.. 😦 But recently, finally we were able to visit the place and see it ourselves how beautiful it is.

Caleruega is located on top a hill somewhere in between Nasugbu, Batangas and Tagaytay. Caleruega is found in Barrio Kaylaway, Batulao in the town of Nasugbu. It is just across the boundary of Cavite and Batangas. And around 15 to 20 minutes drive from Tagaytay City. It was a bit raining when we arrived and we had some hard time getting our car parked because there’s a wedding going on that time.

The solemnity of the place was awesome. The cool breeze of wind, the sound of the birds with the view of beautiful garden. I was really amazed with the rare flowers all over the humongous garden. Before you can get to the garden, you will be welcomed with a very nice lobby showcasing its amazing structural designs – then, you will be headed to their patio.


I didn’t mind the long walk going to the hill in where the transfiguration chapel was located. I was busy looking around . Words cannot actually describe the feeling of looking at these wonderful spots in the area. Not to mention the breath-taking view as you go up the hill. As you work on your breathing exercise while walking, you will be accommodated by the station of the cross. Then you say “hi” to exotic flowers around the area. I was all smiles. My jaws literally fell down looking around.

The looong walk was really worth it. At first, you will be really tired that you would want to just sit down on one of the benches around and wait for your family to just come back, but as you get nearer and nearer to the chapel, makes you really motivated to continue walking. Every stop that you will make, you will enjoy the view. Left and right, there’s no area that’s not filled with solemnity and graceness.





Our family enjoyed this trip. This place is something to be really proud of. I will be making another post with the shots inside the chapel, soon.


If you are planning to visit Caleruega, It only cost 30 pesos for the entrance fee and another 30 pesos for the parking area. The travel time takes 2 and a half hours from Manila.

This is definitely worth it. 😀

For Inquiries and Reservation – Caleruega Philippines
(+6343)7060348; (+63921)2709890


14 thoughts on “Caleruega : Closer to Nature, Closer to God

  1. Abet says:

    I am looking for this pic and finally found here! I’ve seen this many times in movies! Thanks for really helping me through publishing this pics!


  2. athena says:

    The color of the church is so beautiful. Parang hindi siya usual na color, hmmmm.
    I’ve never been to Caleruega before though. Beautiful churches are beautiful.
    Take care =)


  3. enzo says:

    Being in this place alone would tell you how GREAT GOD is…Every time I am with nature parks…I always thank God for giving me such an opportunity to experience HIS love through HIS creations.


  4. marrimye says:

    The BRICKS…
    Somehow remind people that CHURCHES are built for us to always make GOD, the center of our being so that like bricks… our faith will be as STRONG and can stand the test of time.


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