Green Coffee : Brewing 24/7

Yes, you got it right. 24/7, 365 days in a year. Cool, yes? Say hi to Green Coffee 😀

Being a Twitter person, I saw tweets from some Filipino celebrities about their experience and that they’re wanting more of their drinks and donuts. Hmm… And I also saw Green Coffee’s responding to each and every tweet mentions to them. I thought that this is really nice for them to recognize their customers. I checked and finally landed in their nook after almost a month of planning to visit and get that famous tea for myself. I’m not a Tomas Morato fan. Not sure why. But the fact that Green Coffee is open 24hrs, I really wanted to see it myself if this is indeed true. I didn’t have a hard time going to them for the first time. The cab driver actually know where Green Coffee is! 😛 

When I got there, I loved the interiors. From the bricked walls and counters up to their comfortable couches. The couch was actually clean. Not like from the other coffee shops that has couches that looks really dirty and overused. Haha! The temperature from the aircon was just right. There were also indoor plants around the store. Perfect lighting setup for those customers who decided to stay until dawn. 


They got a lot in their menu! I actually thought, I will only be seeing coffee, tea and donuts. 😀 But its not. They got more. Cakes and pasta were also in their menu. Too bad, I just had my dinner and I’m still full so I just ordered drinks. Since it was my first time there, their Service Crew was friendly enough to wait for me to finish go through their menu. Haha! I ordered their Dark Mocha with Fine Salt and Cheese

I love this that its not too sweet. It was just right. The cheese is awesome. It actually blended well in my dark mocha. While I was enjoying my drink, I was exchanging tweets with Green Coffee. Haha! 😛 

I noticed there is still another area in the store in where I saw some more customers coming out. All the while, I thought I was the only customer at the time. Haha! So I checked it out and found out that there are still more seats inside. And most of the customers were there!! They were all quiet and busy with their laptops. Its like an escape from the main store. This is super cool! 

Outside the store are also more seats. Perfect for smokers and those who enjoys the view of the busy streets of Tomas Morato. 

Before I headed home, I decided to take home their Milk Team with Fine Salt and Cheese. Haha! I didn’t bring my laptop with me and I thought, it will be great to have the milk tea while working online which I plan to do when I get home. If I had my laptop with me, I could have stayed for few more hours. 😛

Its the Milk Tea with Fine Salt and Cheese baby!! I super love this! I was all smiles when I got myself a cab and headed home. It was a nice experience. 

One thing I noticed, though.. there was no security guard when I was there. Not sure why, but I just realized it when I was on my way home already… 

I will definitely come back! This place is worth a try. I can attest to that. What makes this different from the other coffee shops here in the Metro? Well, aside from they’re open 24hrs, they have teas with fine salt and cheese which is not available 24hrs! The place is perfect for those customer who wants a more cozy and more quiet and relaxing place unlike the others that you won’t hear yourself anymore because of some people who thinks they own the place. 

Green Coffee

Location: GF, CTTM Square, Timog Cor. Tomas Morato, QC
Location: F. Torres, Davao City

Facebook: Here
Twitter: Here


20 thoughts on “Green Coffee : Brewing 24/7

  1. rmbulseco says:

    Green Coffee started in Davao and I must say, I loved their interior. Although I’m not a great fan of their coffee as well as their menu display… it’s hard to read and not aesthetically pleasing.


  2. tess says:

    love coffee’s and can go to this place once in a while and not is still cheaper to drink in the house(kuripot).it is a nice plae to hang out with friends though


  3. athena says:

    Oh my Ness! I can’t imagine having “cheese” in my drink.
    Waaa. Anyway, the place looks great. Kind of reminds me of a pizza place ?
    Take care


  4. Yetta says:

    Heya, I just hopped over to your web-site thru StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might typically read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thanks for creating some thing worth reading through.


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