Unfolding a Colorful History: Make Your Own Havaianas 2012

Fifty years ago, the union of the breezy culture of Hawaii and the serene design of Japan gave birth to what conquered, and complemented the vibrancy and fashion of Brazil. Fast forward to some fifty years later, and the fashion masterpiece by the name of Havaianas is now recognized as the world’s favorite flip-flop brand.

Since its inception in 1962, Havaianas has always been an icon of summer, which celebrates creativity and self-expression. Hence, it was no surprise when Havaianas crossed borders and flourished as a fun-fashion staple for people who live like it’s always summer. Even more so in tropical countries like the Philippines where sunshine is abundant all year long — Havaianas has inevitably become a must-have to every chic wardrobe.

As Havaianas commemorates its 50th anniversary this 2012, the vibrant spirit that every Havaianatico has come to know and love will be realized in the ultimate celebration of self- expression — Make Your Own Havaianas. This annual branding event where people can mix and match their choice of soles, straps, and embellishments is expected to be grander this year, as Havaianas digs deep into its rich heritage and shows why it is indeed unrivalled the world over.

This year’s Make Your Own Havaianas will not just be a branding event, where people express their ingenuity through designing their own pair, but a gathering that will honor everything that contributed in making the brand what it is now. As we celebrate the brand’s 50th year, we would like to encourage everyone to be there and take part in creating yet another history in our biggest branding event,” shares Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Havaianas Philippines.

From May 10 to May 14 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City, Havaianas will unfold its dazzling heritage and colorful culture that define its history. At 50 colorful years, Havaianas is all set to share its phenomenal story, together with the remarkable experience of making a pair that will stand for things that make every Havaianatico happy—summer, style and good memories.


8 thoughts on “Unfolding a Colorful History: Make Your Own Havaianas 2012

  1. Sumi says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Havaianas has been around for 50 years already! That’s such a great milestone for the brand to accomplish.. 😀 I’m not really a big fan though since I own just 2 pairs, but congrats to them and more power!


  2. Mei says:

    Wow ang tagal na pala nila but still I don’t have one. Di ko afford eh haha
    Btw, is that event for free? O may registration fee?


  3. Aileen says:

    I’ve heard of events like this before, but never really had the chance to join! I’m hoping that I could 😀 Will take note of this haha!


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