Movie: Regal Films – The Mommy Returns with Pokwang

The Mommy Returns is this year’s Mother’s Day offering from Regal Films. Starred by Pokwang, Gabby Concepcion, Ruffa Gutierez and John Lapuz.

A press conference was held in Imperial Palace in Tomas Morato last April 28, 2012 which was spear-headed by Mother Lily of Regal Films and Pokwang itself. There were also some showbiz writers and entertainment who gracefully led the discussion with Pokwang.

The Mommy Returns is a family comedy-horror movie about a mother, Ruby (Pokwang) who dies right on the day of her 25th wedding anniversary with gorgeous husband, William (Gabby Concepcion). With her untimely death, she is temporarily trapped in Purga (short for Purgatory) with its guardian, Dyoga (John Lapuz, Ang Diyosa ng Purga) and the pesky Manny, the chicken pet of San Pedro.

Enter Catherine (Ruffa Gutierrez) – a younger, fresher, and much, much prettier woman who comes into the life of William. When she threatens to take Ruby’s place as mother to her three beloved children (Kiray, Gerald Pesigan and Jillian Ward), hell (er, purgatory) breaks loose as Ruby escapes back to earth as a ghost to scare and drive Catherine out of the family she left behind!

I was able to witness Pokwang’s jolly and gay personality. She’s really fun to talk to. She loves to laugh a lot. 🙂 The discussions and Q&A with her became so light that everyone is laughing with her.

Pokwang said she enjoyed her “kissing scenes” with Gabby which made the guests laughing more. And that she and Ruffa didn’t have any difficulties working with each other. She also said she envy Ruffa’s long and beautiful legs. 😀


What follows is a riot of scary antics and tactics that will prove that “hell hath no fury like a dead woman,” especially if she is a mother who can’t leave her children behind!

This year’s Regal Films’ laugh-til-you-cry Mother’s Day offering is directed by JOEL LAMANGAN from a screenplay by Senedy H. Que. It opens nationwide on May 9, 2012.

Watch the official trailer here:


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