Naya Rivera : Proactiv’s New Face

I am not novice to Proactiv products. I mean, I have had several skin breakouts too specially in my face which made me start my race to get that best treatment for my face. Eventually, after trying several facial creams and moisturizers, I came across Proactiv. It was recommended by my friend who’s based in the US. With the impression that it is pricey, I didn’t bother to check it out first. Too bad, I only resorted to it when I was about to give up. 🙂 And I am happy with my decision. Its affordable and super worth it! I love how it made wonders to my skin specially in my face.

While slacking off one day in my house watching tv, a Proactiv’s commercial was shown. I was surprised to see Naya Rivera. She has been getting my attention every time I watch Glee. I like her black hair and her skin color (I’m not really into mestiza complexion). She also performs well in Glee, I must say. She got a good voice and she dances gracefully without too much effort. She just dance it naturally.

After seeing her Proactiv commercial, I checked online and yes! Naya Rivera is indeed the new face of Proactiv. Joining the glamorous Proactiv’s Hollywood stars band wagon like Justin Bieber, Mandy Moore, Katy Perry, Julianne Hough and many more.

 Here’s the behind the scenes of Naya’s fun shoot with Proactiv.

Just like the other girls, Naya also had some breakouts of adult acne which made it really difficult for her to be in front of the camera. These also lower her self-esteem and confidence, insecurities also made its way to her during that time. It was Proactiv which brought back her confidence and now maintains a blemish-free and beautiful skin.

More and more Hollywood stars are using Proactiv because of its proven effectiveness in killing acne-causing bacteria as it leaves users with a clear and smooth skin after continued use. it also uses micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide — featuring smaller, finer particles designed to quickly penetrate pores to start killing acne-causing bacteria on contact. Tiny exfoliating beads gently remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells to help keep pores from clogging.

Proactiv products also helps in revitalizing the skin with its alcohol-free toner helps remove impurities and excess oil so your skin looks and feels clean, soft and refreshed — not tight and dried out. Soothing botanical agents gently balance your skin tone.

Proactiv acne clearing system was developed to treat your whole face – helping to both clear blemishes and prevent acne before it starts. Proactiv was the first acne treatment system of its kind and is as revolutionary now as it was then.

What I like the most with Proactiv? It’s really convenient to get their products. In their Philippine website, the prices are in peso already, they have free delivery promo and other promos and payment schemes like Visa even Megalink are available for online purchases. Money back guarantee is also available if you think, they didn’t meet your expectations. 🙂

What I love with online purchases with Proactiv, I am sure that I am getting their authentic products. Proactiv has been sending out warnings to their consumers to make sure they get their Proactiv products from their authorized distributors ONLY. Here are the authorized distributors:

  • All SM Department Stores and Watsons Stores Nationwide
  • Online Shopping Cart:
  • Door to Door delivery Hotlines (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888)
  • Proactiv Kiosks :
    1. Glorietta, Ground Floor
    2. Robinsons Galleria, 3rd Floor
    3. Trinoma, 2nd Floor
    4. Marquee Mall, Ground Floor
Take note that the fake Proactiv products are much cheaper in prices and they do not come with a money back guarantee. Another thing we wanna be most cautious about is the long-term bad effect on our skin like skin irritations and incurable damage effects.

Another thing that’s unique to Proactiv, is that they have the Combination Therapy. This is actually one of the best ways to treat acne safely and effectively. Combination Therapy is using several different medicines in a system that heals the blemishes you have now and helps keep new ones from forming tomorrow by treating the process below the skin’s surface.

A “Select a System That Works For You” by Proactiv is also a must try. We have 2 choices here: 30-day kit and the 60-day kit. All systems include our powerful, acne-fighting 3-Step System of Proactiv® Solution products.

Trinoma is nearest kiosk to me, I must try their 30-day kit. How about you? Go ahead, go to the nearest kiosk to you and get that beautiful, clear and radiant skin just like Naya.  🙂

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14 thoughts on “Naya Rivera : Proactiv’s New Face

  1. Mary Anne Velasco says:

    I once suffered from severe acne when I was in college. There was no ProActiv products back then. I forced myselt to visit my dermatologist to get the treatment I needed. After following the instructions I got from her, a week later, no more acne and no more breakouts after that, too. One or two acne show once a month more or less a week before my period comes and that’s just about it.

    ProActiv is indeeed way cheaper than going to the dermatologist. I will get a 60-day kit for my brother as he suffers from acne attacks every now and then. 😀


    • Ness says:

      Wow! That’s good to know at least the effort of going to Dermatologist and expenses was worth it. I’mm super happy with Proactiv, honestly. Go! I’m sure, your brother will like it too. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


  2. i am greyish (@iamgreyish) says:

    Why is this not available when I was younger? Or maybe it was but I’m just not aware of it. I’ve read great reviews about Proactiv. I’ll make sure to buy one for my daughter once her face shows signs of acne. Hopefully, she’ll be lucky and not suffer through that. We still have time, she’s just 3 for goodness sake!


  3. Rossel says:

    I am grateful that I didn’t have any skin breakouts. I have a daughter though that is on her tweens and might need proactiv one day. Still, I am hoping she’ll get my skin type.


  4. tess says:

    I never had an acne problem back then.And i thank God ,I don’t need to use this product because they will trigger asthma attack for the alcohol scent.


  5. marrimye says:

    This PROACTIV products are all over the place but unfortunately, I can’t use it because I have skin asthma.


  6. Lana says:

    I want to give Proactiv a great review, but it definitely didn’t work for me. I used it for the better part of a year when in high school, and it dried out my skin, make it red and inflamed, and my skin pealed horribly. My face felt dry and tight and got oily sooner. My acne actually got worse, and never at any point was better than before starting Proactiv. They claim that anyone can used Proactiv, but people with sensitive skin, like myself, should never use it. The formula is too strong and irritating for some skin types. I had bad acne in high school, college, and adult life before finally going to a dermatologist and used Epiduo. I was on birth control since I was 19 (I’m 26 now) and it barely kept the acne in check. I still broke out like crazy. Since using Epiduo (and I only needed to used it for a few months) from the dermatologist, it’s the only acne product I’ve had success with and I rarely even have one pimple now. Do yourself, and your wallet, a favor and skip Proactiv.


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