Gas Cylinders for Medical Devices

Gas cylinders are becoming more familiar in hospitals and other medical clinics. These actually caught my attention when I visited a a friend in the hospital just recently. I learned that these containers are actually medical devices. I find this really interesting. While checking online, I also found out that these devices plays a great and vital role in the medical industry. They are light weight, innovative, advanced and very user-friendly. People who mainly uses these gas cylinders are those in emergency service personnel, healthcare assistance, first aiders and most specially, the hospitals. 

I also came across iSi who leads the manufacturing of portable and disposable medical gas cylinder. iSi is committed in supplying medical gas cylinders with purity and the most accurate and most consistent gas fills available.

However, transporting carbon dioxide and argon cylinders should be handled very carefully.  They actually have documentations which states how to transport it if someone decides to transport it. Argon cylinder, on the other hand is suitable in cold-weather applications or in highly pressurized rooms or places. It is important to make ourselves familiar by reading and understanding and be informed of the danger associated with the cylinders.

These medical cylinders offers a great assistance to patients specially those who are ambulatory which are actually designed to increase ambulation time and allows patients to remain active longer.

I’m glad that this technological advancements in lightweight cylinders for this market are enabling patients to be more independent by facilitating their mobility. And by the way, these medical gas cylinders can now be purchased online. 


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