Axe Anarchy : Scent for Women

The leading brand for men’s grooming, Axe, already have something for women this time. For the first time, AXE is releasing a scent for women as well. And to launch this, they’re going to hold the biggest and sexiest cops and robbers game with young and sexy models chasing after the guys – Axe Anarchy Raid Manila

Axe Anarchy is all about Disorder and Confusion. Watch the Axe tvc below to know why this is getting more and more attention and becoming the talk of the town.

Exciting, right?

Now the DJs of the Boys Night Out weren’t very happy about the new Axe commercial getting censored. To make up for it, the guys over at Axe sent the Axe girls to give them a very happy ending – ready to give them the best massage they could get. 

See the whole video of their once in a lifetime massage experience with the Axe girls: 

The Anarchy has just begun. Watch out for the next announcements on the naughty game, soon!! 


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