“Mommy Maricel” Puts Her Trust On Uratex Mattresses

EVERYONE deserves a good night’s rest to stay healthy and alert, but many people complain they don’t get enough sleep. Various reasons are pointed out as to why they wake up feeling tired and sleepy, either due to a sleep disorders or because of place not conducive to sleeping.

However, they may not be aware that their mattress can be the culprit, and they need neither slumber tricks nor a doctor’s prescription to choose the right one that can give them correct support and comfort.

This is the reason why celebrity mom Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, or Mommy Maricel, only trusts one brand as her go-to mattress provider. The award-winning actress, events host and speaker has been a Uratex user for the longest time. She recalls it as a big part of her childhood until now where she has her own children.

“I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember, and I can say that with all honesty,” she enthuses. “Kasama ko ‘yan araw-araw. Dyan ako natutulog at nagigising so talagang part na ‘yan ng pamilya namin (I sleep and wake up on it every day so it’s really a part of our family).”

Elegant Quilted Mattress

Having spent almost a third of her life on an Uratex bed, Mommy Maricel did not think twice in using the same brand when she started her own family with husband Anthony Pangilinan 18 years ago up to now that they have five children.

Perfect Serenity

“’Yung mga mattresses namin, siguro 10 years na pero maganda pa. Meron kaming King- at apat na full-size (Our mattresses have been with us for 10 years but are still in good condition. We have King and four full-size) so I could say that Uratex is really our partner for good sleep.”

Conscious of the health and well-being of her family, Mommy Maricel shares that even if she knows the brand’s durability, she still would have the product tested before buying it. What delighted her more is that the company uses computers to measure body contours and this assures her that specific designs and qualities would match the physique and sleeping habits of her family.

Uratex Deluxe Mattress

“Good thing also that Uratex provides a wide array of pillows that complement its mattresses to bring ultimate comfort and health while sleeping,” says Mommy Maricel.

With so many mattresses and pillows out there, she admits that it can be challenging in choosing the right one. Buying a mattress and pillow is a decision that Moms should think about carefully, she says. Though on the average most people replace their mattress every 7-10 years, she suggests that they should also consider their use in the long run. And the price, Maricel reiterates, should not be a hindrance in making a wise purchase.

“What is the price of good sleep? You cannot put a price on it. Parents should really prioritize and invest in a good mattress and pillow so they can assure their family’s good sleep and rest, especially the children.” 

Putting a premium on her family’s health and well-being is indeed every Mom’s top priority. And helping her achieve it is Uratex, which, true to its “Alagang Mommy, Alagang Uratex” thrust, creates the best foam product in the market to ensure a good and restful sleep for the families of today—just like that of Mommy Maricel.

For details about Uratex mattresses and foam products, visit www.uratex.com.ph or call the Uratex Customer Hotline at 888-6800.


24 thoughts on ““Mommy Maricel” Puts Her Trust On Uratex Mattresses

  1. I agree with Mom Maricel’s observation. Uratex foam din ang gamit namin . more than 10 years na yung isa, and I tell you, parang bago pa rin.


  2. If this is really comfortable and will give me a restful sleep then I will consider this brand when I changed my beds =)


  3. I think Uratex is one of the best when it comes to matresses since it can last long and still maintain its form.


  4. Uratex has been in the business for quite some time and has made a name in the industry. Considering how still lovely Maricel is after having several children, I am inclined to believe she really chooses the products she uses.


  5. Uratex has been such a good choice. My bed actually goes for more than 10 years now.. Plus I have a sofa bed that I bought from them as well. Not only are their mattresses durable, each bed is also very comfortable.


  6. Yes indeed. Uratex din gamit namin for almost 10 years now. Ganun parin super tibay.


  7. We’ve been using Uratex ever since. The brand is not just popular but its durability and quality is guaranteed 100%.


  8. I’m not a uratex user but when I read all your thoughts might as well shift with Uratex and buy a new mattress for them. 🙂


  9. It’s not only THE MISTRESS movie that is hitting the scene, even the MATTRESS do! Haha. Thanks Nessie for sharing us this info about Maricel and her family’s chosen mattress brand.


  10. uratex to mattress is synonymous to colgate to toothpaste… at least, colgate in my time…

    btw, uratex is right in choosing this couple or this pangilinan family. they just look so lovely… 🙂


  11. Uratex is one of those trusted brands since back in the day. Good choice.


  12. One thing that you shouldn’t buy cheap is your sleeping mattress. It is very important to have a good mattress to sleep on.


  13. We also use Uratex! even after years of using it, it is still in good condition. 🙂


  14. I am also with Mommy Maricel 🙂 We’ve been using Uratex foam and we totally love it. Planning on buying new pillows, Uratex made so it will last long.


  15. omg. im planning to buy a new matress, since my old one isn’t in a good condition anymore. thanks for sharing this! 🙂


  16. Oh I agree and trusted Uratex like Mommy Maricel. We have a king size at home that we’ve been using more than 10 years na rin :).. By the way, I saw Mommy Maricel in person and she is beautiful.


  17. aw Uratex, this is a brand we have trusted ever since. and even the old spare in hour house is still in good shape … it’s a tough tough bed that lasts long …


  18. We want to buy a tempur but Uratex has a more affordable version of a memory foam mattress so we might try that instead!


  19. I think there’s only one trusted brand when it comes to mattresses and that is Uratex. We’ve been also using it for years–very comfy and durable. 🙂


  20. we should choose whats best for our family, that won’t also compromise our budget. i think uratex is both. Yahweh bless.


  21. The Laxa-Pangilinan family looks very happy here. Maricel’s eldest daughter is a carbon copy. Anyway, we have been uratex customers since my child was born and I can say they are very durable.


  22. Im planning to buy the sofa bed priced at 4.5k. Can i trust uratex that this foam will last? First time to live independent.


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