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For more than 26 years, Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust Dell to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world.

For the first time in Dell’s history, the company invited media and analysts to its headquarters in different parts of the world to meet with executives, customers, and partners for an immersion in Dell’s often overlooked small and medium business (SMB) strategies, products, and solutions. And I am very fortunate to be part of this historical event.

The moment I stepped-in again in Dell International Services Philippines, located in Eastwood Quezon City, all memories came back. This time, I remember two notable quotes of Michael Dell:

  • “My PC company is not really a PC company.” 
  • Technology is about enabling human potentials.” 
I remember way back 2005 when I was still part of the team, Dell only focus on PC hardwares. But now, it opens its doors to CUSTOMER SERVICES and end-to-end BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS such as Global Services, Healthcare Technology, Education Technology, Entrepreneurship, Cloud Computing, Efficient IT, Data Storage and Security Services. With these, customer satisfaction is achieved which is based on customer feedback.

Dell is more than just a PC company. Healthcare and Life Sciences along with People and Social Responsibility is what actually comprises Dell” said by Mr. Richard Teo – President, Dell Philippines .

Dell also continues to identify areas to expand and acquire outstanding companies with expertise in business solutions processes like Perot Systems which focuses on healthcare services. Only last year (2011) ISO 9000 certification was also acquired by Dell.

Richard Teo is a 25yr industry veteran who has served with multinationals in customer care and services management roles. On 2011, Dell announced his appointment as President to lead the operations of its Philippine office. With almost a year now here in the Philippines, a very approachable man who treats and face challenges as opportunities be it in managing his team in Dell or with his stay in the country. 🙂

On the other hand, Ms.Donna Grande was also with us who helped us understand more about Dell’s people and social responsibility advocacy.

“We are dedicated in having a very effective people strategy. We are actually living it. We have employees who didn’t have a college degree but they’re here with us. As long as they have the skills, knowledge, dedication and passion” said by Donna Grande – Country HR Director, Dell Philippines.

The key people strategies of Dell are:

  • Developing inspiring leaders
  • Championing team members
  • Being an employer of choice
  • Listening and sharing

We were able to personally witnessed these while we were given the opportunity to tour around Dell’s facilities. I was actually excited to do this. I mean, I wanna see the production area in where I do my floor walks to check on my agents and of course, I wanna see my work table again. 🙂

We met a couple from India who originally worked with Dell India and now they have migrated here in the Philippines, still working with Dell. This is a crystal clear proof of Dell’s diversity and inclusion. Committed to being a place where their team members can combine their varied experiences and creativity to achieve innovative solutions for a diverse customer marketplace.This is really amazing!

Back in 2005, I met a lot of intelligent Dell employees from India who helped us setup and launch Dell Philippines. Some of them remains my friends. 🙂

There was also Mr. Randy Albor (right) who worked with Dell to climb up the ladder of success despite of his physical challenges. With a little over of 4yrs only, he now leads the Process Engineering Team. Here are some snapshots of our tour in Dell production floor:

Seeing again what Dell offers and provides to its employees, like the gym in where the employees can use it in their free time at no charge ; the spacious cafeteria in where the employees spends their meal cards loaded with a certain amount for the whole month, the demo lab which enables all allowed employees to have a first hand experience on Dell products – I was all smiles. 🙂

With all these, it is truly Dell lives the value of The Employer of Choice. Dell listens, learns and deliver.

See how Dell team members around the world share their Dell stories:

I am happy to be part of this historical event and I am proud to be part of Dell’s team once. And I must say : It feels good to be back. 😛


15 thoughts on “DELL | The Power To Do More

  1. Cielo Delos Santos Pagcaliwagan says:

    I hope that other companies here in the Philippines will also follow or pattern their employees’ benefits and welfare program like that of DELL.

    I am happy to note that in DELL employees have career growth and a structured career path…

    I am also as lucky as you are since I have also an employer who gives premium to their employees.

    BTW, thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. Mai Flores (@mai_eaflores) says:

    It’s actually inspiring to know that Dell is practicing an effective people strategy, whilst hiring people who may not have a college degree. Although I am not promoting that the younger generations be confident about not acquiring their degrees/diplomas, it’s still good to know that a big company as Dell offers this rare opportunity. 🙂


  3. jhackie says:

    Honestly , I can’t relate about this but I then read your post.
    I’m very Impress with the company for it cares most importantly to their employees.


  4. zoan says:

    oh Great, other companies must try to be like Dell. I mean, investing in people’s potential / human resources that is, than investing in machines and robots to do people’s jobs. Congrats that you are back on the team 🙂


  5. Nimisha Irc says:

    Dell has really proven its worth as a company. They’re clearly pro-employee, therefore, resulting to a happy environment, and a successful business. Kudos well-deserved! 😉


  6. marrimye says:

    DELL has a vision to empower society and a mission to share to others the blessings that the company has been receiving. It’s being unselfish and that is noble.


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