The Bridal Expo Year 9 : “Wishing You A Happily Ever After”

Slater Young, PBB Big Winner and eligible bachelor graces the EDSA-QC Billboard of this biggest exposition of wedding essentials with a lady holding up a “Marry me” message. This year promises to be the biggest exposition on wedding essentials as Tradecon Inc. launches this on June 2-3, 10am-7pm, PICC Forum at the CCP Complex. It has also partnered with Fashion Wedding Designers of the Philippines (FWDP)  headed by its President Joel Bautista who will sponsor a grandiose fashion show within the expo (June 2 at 6pm) where twelve lovely aisle-ready bridal gowns will be featured. The show will be directed by Raymond Villanueva.

The featured exhibitors are new innovators in the wedding industry from gowns to make-up, cakes to venues, bridal cars to honeymoon destinations as well as pampering every bride to be thru foot spa, massage, nail care salon and a lot more. This Bridal Expo will furnish every bride and soon-to-wed couple needs to achieve the perfect beginning that they’re longing for. Guests will also have the chance to win hotel accommodations, Asian trip accommodation (Hong Kong), wedding venue, photo booth and premium items and gift bags. Fun and games and prizes for couples shall be “Wedding Gown” If the gown fits! “Shoes” If the shoe fits! & “Wedding bands/rings” If the ring fits!

Register now at for free admission or call (02) 249-07-10 local 6081-82 and text 0916-274-45-78 also like us on Facebook just type BRIDAL EXPO PHILIPPINES OR BRIDAL EXPO.


19 thoughts on “The Bridal Expo Year 9 : “Wishing You A Happily Ever After”

  1. kaye t. says:

    My friend took me to a Bridal Expo before and I must say I was the most glutted and stuffed in the entire event. The food samples are so yummy I couldn’t stop myself! But it was fun looking around, picking up so many samples and magazines which I don’t really need, and wishing I could get married again. It’s a good thing that Bridal Expo Phils offers free admission. I would like to come! 🙂


  2. Sumi says:

    I don’t have any soon-to-wed friends, and I’m not getting married any time soon, but I’d love to attend! 😀 I just love looking at bridal gowns and wedding photos.. ^^


  3. notingathena says:

    i’ve went to a bridal expo before and couldn’t help but going gaga over the gowns, but i’m not getting married anytime soon, so i can’t really relate to those who really are. =)


  4. swexie says:

    Hmmm, I’ve never been to a bridal expo before. I hope that I’d be holding hands with my partner whenever I do get a chance to be in bridal expos.


  5. marrimye says:

    This is such an exciting expo. For those couple who are in their planning stage, this is the perfect place to be. they can get ideas on their wedding outfits.


  6. bryan says:

    di po natuloy ang bridal expo s kadahilanang di nagbayad ng full payment ang tradecon s picc, un nagmukhang tanga ang mga xhibitors, fyi


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