Cleaner Households with Kohl Products

I am usually tagged by my friends as an “OC” person. And I am admitting this. I always have an alcohol in my work table. I use alcohol to clean my table and my things. I also have a hand sanitary gel accessible by everybody in my house to make sure we all have clean hands and we prevent spreading viruses. 🙂 Sorry about that, I am just like that. I believe its always better to be sure.

And with this, I am not novice to different sanitizing products such as alcohols, insect repellents, mouth wash, etc. These are part of my monthly grocery budget. I have also been introduced to these products in different hospitals I have been too.

Just recently, I was invited to attend a very intimate gathering and discussion about having a cleaner households. ‘Twas headed by KOHL INDUSTIRES. I’m sure you are all familiar with them. Some of us are already using these but we’re not aware that they’re from Kohl Industries. In the event, we were introduced to different Kohl products.

Bactigel hand sanitizer has the HIGHEST alcohol content in locally produced sanitizers, containing 68% ethyl alcohol that is able to kill harmful bacteria and germs on hands without harming your hands. Bactigel is used in hospitals as hand sanitizers for doctors and nurses before clinical operations. Bactigel is also now available for people outside hospitals in small bottles with rubber holders. 

Doctor J Alcohol is the flag product of Kohl Industries Corporation that started it all for the company. Doctor J is available in both Isopropyl and Ethyl alcohol. Doctor J is currently used in many hospitals in the country. Doctor J is available in 70% and 40% solution in a uniquely-formulated scent.

Puregel hand sanitizer is FDA-approved (Food and Drug Administration) hand sanitizer with high ethyl alcohol content (68%) available for retail in six (6) amazing varieties to suit different personalities. Puregel is specially-formulated people who wants “fruity” scents. Puregel hand sanitizers come with patented rubber holders to go along with fashion or style of any individual.

Orasil is an innovative mouthwash, which utilizes stabilized hydrogen peroxide andxylitol, as substitutes for possibly harmful ingredients that are commonly used in other formulas. Proven to be beneficial, these two ingredients effectively whitens teeth and keeps breath fresh throughout the day.

SunProtec Sunblock is one of Kohl Industries’ newest products to offer Filipinos a very affordable sunblock with high SPF (sun protection factor) that can help protect your skin from UVA and UVB (ultraviolet).

Puremist is a liquid form hand sanitizer with high-alcohol content suitable for people who wants their hand sanitizers to be sprayed on their hands. Puremist is available in different variants.

Bullseye Odorless Muti-Insect Killer‘s effective and powerful formulation eradicates all types of insects. Even with is potent anti-dengue formulation. Bullseye also kills cockroaches and flies. Just spray into open air or enclosed space and return after 30 minutes for a bug-free, hassle-free, odor-free environment.

It was a short and fun discussion. 😀 We shared our experiences in using this products previously.

I love it that Kohl was able to take in consideration to give consumers a cheaper but high quality homecare products. This is Kohl’s small contribution in alleviating the effects of the economic crunch that has been affecting many households in the country. At the same time, Kohl is able to provide employment and business opportunities to the Filipino community. 😀

Thanks to Kohl for shedding us lights to their products. 🙂

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