My Bro’s Mustache Folk Bar

I’m an 80’s baby. And with that, I literally grew up with those folk songs. And I’ve always been wanting to be able to find a place in where they can cater to my “musical needs”. Haha!

My Brothers Mustache Bar is a new discovery. Its aย home of local folk musicians. Jess Bartolome, Florante, Freddie Aguilar, Joey Ayala, Asin, Juan dela Cruz and upcoming artists are the regular performers.

The moment you enter the place, their fun logo will welcome your eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

The folk music bar is where you can listen to the soothing good old folk music covers of the late โ€˜70s and โ€˜80s. Much of that music reminiscing and reviving the music of America, Jim Croce, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and many more.

Not only will the live renditions of the great folk songs remind you of the joy in living life, whatever it presents you, but also the menu of appetizers and dishes, most originally concocted, telling you food and music do mix, at My Bro’s Mustache.

You will definitely love the food.. ย :-p

At the end of every set of some of the country’s best folk singers, the likes of Jess Bartolome, Mon Espia, Lester Demetillo, or even Florante, Lolita Carbon, Noel Cabangon who have special gigs, with pulutan to die for, you’ll be glad you are home in My Bro’s Mustache.

Appetizers start at P75.00. Meals start at P150.00. Beer start at P40.00. It’s a good deal for the good taste and live nostalgic music.

Spending for two: P400.00

For scrumptious pica-pica, they have food and drinks that ranges from below P100 and the highest would be P300+


My Bro’s Mustache Folk Bar

Services: Reservations | Walk-ins | Groups | Outdoor Seating

Address: Sct Madrinan cor Sct Tuazon Timog, 1118 Quezon City, Philippines
Contact: Landline (02) 7109387 Call between 6pm to 12mn, Monday to Sat
Contact: Mobile 0920-2128607 | 0917-8908934

Facebook: Here

Parking Lot: Yes
Payment Options: Cash


24 thoughts on “My Bro’s Mustache Folk Bar

  1. juantedtraveler says:

    yeah. i never get to have such time anymore. too busy with work. hope i get to hear back these kinds of music.


  2. Nickle says:

    The logo is very “groovy”. I was born mid-80s but not really into 80s stuff. Thanks for sharing anyway, this may com in handy one day. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Nhil Ocampo-Ces says:

    Interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ano yung food na nasa unang picture?
    Would love to go there if I want a break from the usual pop music that I have been getting around here in our neighborhood.


  4. totenggaleng says:

    Hi Ness. Who are the regular performers there? I used to go to Mayrics and 70s and I love pinoy folk music. This place should bring back wonderful music gig memories.


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