Big Ideas and Big Movies with Big Shift Creativ Centrale

A top Asian brand in global multimedia and entertainment forefront breaks through with BIG SHIFT CREATIV CENTRALE. Last Wednesday, May 23, 2012, a grand preview cocktails event was held in Makati City showcasing its different facilities with its primary businesses such as Total Communications & Marketing, Digital Music & Video Production, Dance Studios and Kinetic Arts.

We were toured around the facility and I find it really really amazing. I mean, its my first time to visit a place like that in Big Shift’s. πŸ™‚ Everything’s in high standard, good condition and well maintained, spacious rooms. Let me tour you with the photos I took…

Music Rehearsal & Recording StudiosΒ 

  • Soundtrack Recording and / or editing
  • Music Recording and / or editing
  • Indie Album Production
  • Song Demo CD Production
  • Voice Lessons & Classes on Instrumental Music

Dance & Kinetic Arts Studios

  • Group Dance Classes with Recitals and One-On-One Tutorials
  • Kinetic and Martial Arts Classes
  • Instructional Dance Videos
  • Dance Concert Production
  • Studio Rentals for Corporate and Private Functions

Lockers are also being provided to its clients for them to have a place to put and leave their bags and valuables while on their respective sessions.

Big Shift’s other services are Total Communication and Marketing and Creative Hub and Digital production.

Total Communication & Marketing

  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Publicity
  • Online Branding & Marketing
  • Sales Promotion
  • Direct Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Special Projects & Events
  • Merchandising
  • Market Research
Creative Hub & Digital Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Flash Animation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Post-production
  • Photography

It was a fun night. Met Ms. Mariibel Narvaez – Project Traffic Officer and Mr. Benjamin Madrigal – Sr.Executive Vice President of Big Shift. There were really nice and very accommodating. We also met Mr. Jhong Hilario – Its Showtime Host.

Truly Big Shift Creativ Centrale is the center of big ideas and big moves. Visit their Facebook page to know about the rates of their classes.

Facebook: Here

Website: Here


11 thoughts on “Big Ideas and Big Movies with Big Shift Creativ Centrale

  1. Koko says:

    multimedia studios are the best.. all the creative juices squeezed out in one simple room… I wish I could see the place personally… but thanks for taking me to a virtual tour =)


  2. witty humor says:

    I’ve never been to a real recording studio and judging by the looks of it I might not be able to afford being in one. Still wishing I’d one day step in one πŸ™‚


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