Condo Living in Austin

I’m quite familiar with Austin. I still remember, I worked with a very popular computer company which has its headquarters in the area, I was sent there to attend several training and conferences. And with my stay there, I lived in a condo. Condos in Austin Texas has its advantages and disadvantages, however, I really enjoyed my stay there. Aside from my excitement since I’m new to that place, the condo is really cozy and very well-maintained.

I’m no longer connected with my previous employer but recently, a friend asked me if I can help her look and find for a place to stay because she’ll be staying there for good. I started checking online. There were many websites which has the information I needed for my friend  and they are quite overwhelming, actually. I just don’t want to grab anything, give the information to her and then end up with a bad choice.

So, as I continue to checking, I came across Condo Living Austin Blog. I find this one really helpful because the information is brief and precise. Its showing choices with architectural edge of condos in Austin. Impressive efficiencies with design and style that fits to everybody’s lifestyle.

Gabardine being featured, this caught my attention. Gabardine offers both one and two level bungalow condominium homes and Euro-style flats from the mid-$100s to the low $200s.

There are lots of choices in Gabardine. They are perfectly gated in a community, shops like groceries and coffee shops is just nearby or grab dinner. There are also new facilities coming soon. I’m sure my friend will like what I found for her.


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