Back-to-School Shopping Challenge at Tutuban Center Mall

Malls and markets are now full of parents hunting for bargains or items on sale to get their children their new school supplies. I remember this season is also one of my bonding moments with my Mom. We buy my school supplies together. 🙂 This is the one of the most exciting times of my childhood. I mean, getting a new bag, new pair of shoes, notebooks printed with my favorite cartoon characters, pink erasers and pink pencil case, name it. I just love it. 🙂

However, I never knew that its really expensive to send one to school. Though, I am not a parent yet, I can share this dillema of parents in making sure they have enough budget for their children’s needs. When I finished my studies, I took this responsibility for my younger sister. Usually, my Mom would go to Tutuban Center Mall to buy our school supplies. And I can’t remember the last time I visited this place.

Recently, I was invited to take on a back-to-school shopping challenge in Tutuban Center Mall. I got excited. I wanted to try going there just by myself. It actually got me thinking for a while when I’m on my way going there last Monday, May 28, 2012, if I will be able to get through this. I wished I can bring my sister with me so she can choose what she really like. I guess, I have to do this on my own, I said to myself.

When I arrived there, we were accommodated by the group who invited us and the PR and Marketing peeps of Tutuban Center Mall. We were given Php1,000.00 for the shopping challenge. I’m excited. I wanna test my powers to haggle again. I’ve never been using it for quite a long time now. Haha!

Let’s go!

First stop was in the Prime Block Building in where most of the school uniforms, bags and shoes were located.

White Blouse for Php250.00. With my haggle power I got this in Php220.00

I love it that Tutuban buildings are air-conditioned. Regardless of how the place is jam-packed with consumers, the place is still cold enough for us to enjoy our shopping time without the icky-sticky feeling of perspiration. 🙂 With this, it was really fun choosing from so many selections and haggling with the sales staffs. Haha!

One thing I also noticed, is that even the store owners were there also to supervise their respective stores. They were also helping in accommodating their customers. They’re also friendly. I find this really nice of them.

Next stop: The school supplies in the Cluster Building.

  • (1 pc) Sanrio Pencil Case – Php65.00
  • (1pc) Pink Pencil Set – Php28.75
  • (3 pcs) Sharpener – Php10.25
  • (1  pack) Color Pencils – Php34.00
  • (1 pack) Faber Castel Green Pencils – Php36.00
  • (2 boxes) Crayons – Php103.50
  • (1pc) Elmer’s Glue – Php23.00

  • (10 pcs) Cars Notebook – Php132.00
  • (10 pcs) Princess Notebook – Php162.00
  • (1 pack) Intermediate Paper – Php67.00
  • (5 yards) Book Cover – Php95.00
  • (1 pc) Scissor – Php14.00
  • (1 pc) Tape – Php18.50

Plus VAT – Php81.32. All these for Php 759.00. Add this up to the white blouse sums to Php979.00. I was all smiles. I really enjoyed the shopping spree. It was super fun. I didn’t noticed the time at all. I miss these days. I thought of this could be more fun if my Mom or my sister’s with me. I’m sure we’ll have a great time fitting the uniforms and choosing which cartoon character to get this time. Haha! 🙂

I will definitely come back to shop for my house this time. I saw some really good curtains, table runners and bed sheets. I will not let those pass. 🙂

I’m a happy shopper. What are you waiting for. Go ahead and get that chance to utilize the most of your budget and enjoy also high quality school supplies for your kids. Happy shopping!

Truly, Tutuban Center Malls is Everything! Everyday! Everyone! Everything’s here. Everyday’s a bargain day. Everyone’s happy. 

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One thought on “Back-to-School Shopping Challenge at Tutuban Center Mall

  1. Grysh says:

    Oh my. This post just reminded me that I haven’t bought any of my school supplies yet. There isn’t much to buy since I’m a college student though, but still, I need a new uniform, a pair of school shoes and notebooks. And classes starts on June 5.
    -_- *Panic mode*
    Luckily, my school is pretty near Tutuban so it is a bit convenient for me to buy school supplies at a cheaper price. 🙂


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