The Inaugural Feast : A Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado

I am not sure when was the last time I visited Intramuros.. I believe it was a little over 2 yrs ago when I was scouting for a church for my wedding. There hasn’t been many restaurants there yet, I think. Or I was just busy looking for a church and not for restaurants. 🙂 

However, just recently, I was invited to join Ilustrado Restaurant‘s partnership with Malolos-based artist and food expert to inaugurate a feast featuring Malolos heritage cuisine for 2days (May 29-30). 

Ilustrado is a very well-known in providing dining experience in the Intramuros which is also called “walled city”. the name, refers to the educated, well-travelled Filipinos from the “enlightened” elite class during the Spanish era. Today, Ilustrado, the restaurant, caters to clientele of enlightened tastes. Clients whose palates are conversant in savoring the exotic, cosmopolitan and neo-classic flavors of international and Filipino cuisine. 

The feast consisted of Filipino-Spanish styles of Malolos heritage cuisine. I am not really familiar with Malolos food but from the looks of the food that was served to us, I was pretty sure that they will all taste good. 🙂

Lumpiang Kastila | A delightful mix of meat and vegetables rolled in a wrapper then deep-fried.

Merienda de Prayle (Kesong Puti at Kinilaw na Bangus)

Merienda de Prayle – The friars were known to have nibbled on these afternoon treats back in the day. A resurrection of sure rich, indulgent hors d eouvres’ is ecstasy.

Hamonadong Sugpo

Pata Malolena (Humba)

Morcon Plaridel

Beef terderloin slices are rolled with chorizo de bilbao, carrots and other ingredients. A favorite of no less than Marcelo H. del Pilar. 

Pastel de Frayle (Chicken Pastel)

Chopped chicken with mushrooms, carrots and potato. Mixed with cream and buttermilk. Served traditionally with a pie-crust top. 

Rellenong Manok ni Joseling (Chicken Relleno)

Deboned whole chicken and stuffed with ground pork spiced with bell peppers, finely chopped carrots, chopped onions, and raisins to name a few. 

Stuffed Squid Supreme (Binusog na Pusit)

Stuffed squid like no other. Sublime ingredients made available with the opening of the Suez Canal.

Apahap de Paterno (Apahap Royale)

A well known favorite of Pedor Paterno. Pescado en Mayonea to some is debatably of French origin. Fish that is steamed and artistically adorned with chopped vegetables. Back then only wealthy were able to travel thus taste the luxuries that Spanish and French cuisine can offer. 

Hamon de Hacienda

Tender pork belly mixed with prague powder for three days. On the 3rd day it is rinsed and boiled with pineapple juice. Hard work and care is given to ensure the dish’s luscious flavors. Only the “hacienderos” (sugar barons) of the time were accustomed to such taste.

Malolos Chowder

Rich savoury broth with an abundant array of fresh seafood. Truly reminiscent of the glory days of the town of Malolos. 

Sinuwam na Mais

A classic corn chowder using local white corn. 

And now, the desserts. 🙂

Malolos Pride (Dayap with Pastillas)

Dayap in the region has many beautiful and intricate designs. it is carved and then caramelized finally filled with pastillas. The concoction promises to be as bittersweet as the victory of the 21 Women of Malolos who petitioned to open a night school to learn to read and write in Spanish. 

Loretto’s Leche Flan con Mango

Carefully made during the season of the sweetest mangoes. Leche flan made richer, creamier and more elegant with ripe Philippine mangoes. 

Senorita Guava

Bayabas tagalog is caramelized without the seeds. Served with pure and fresh carabao’s milk. 

Everything is yummy. So delicious! I can’t even stand up for a time because my tummy was filled and was heavy. Haha! 🙂 It was such a great experience to experience the wonderful taste of Malolos heritage cuisine. And I am thankful for the generosity of Ilustrado Restaurant and for the invitation from a blogger friend of Eats-A-Date.

My Own Ratings: 

Taste: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 out of 5
Place: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 out of 5
Service: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 out of 5
Cleanliness: 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 out of 5
Price: NA

Ilustrado Restaurant


Address: 744 Calle Real del Palacio (General Luna St.) Intramuros, Manila Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact: (02) 527-3674



10 thoughts on “The Inaugural Feast : A Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado

  1. They also have a branch in SM Makati but of course, the Intramuros version would be the more scenic one.


  2. Ang ganda ng place atsaka ang sarap ng pagkain!


  3. I’ll definitely have to schedule a visit to Illustrado to sample these new dishes, hopefully they’ll be added to their permanent menu.


  4. ang sarap naman… interesting ang senorita guava, ano kaya ang lasa… been wanting to it ripened Bayabas tagalog…


  5. I was just here last Thursday, and I loved it! Check my blog for that though…Thanks for sharing.


  6. Nice cozy place and tempting foods they have. Great share!


  7. ang galing nung idea! mukhang masasarap pa yung pagkaen! 🙂


  8. Depressing that I did not even know about this. Ganon ata ang may lovelife haha


  9. Sarap kumain dyan bukas kasabay ng Araw ng Kasarinlan.


  10. There’s really nothing like Filipino food, especially when the restaurant serving it is located in the historical Intramuros. Sugpo and squid are the classic favorites, but the Pastel de Frayle looks good!

    You might want to check my post about French and Italian cuisine! Here’s the link:


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