How To Keep Up With All The Wedding Preparations

I still remember the time when I was preparing for my own wedding. It was exactly 2yrs ago when I experienced the most stressful days of my life. I always wanted to get that “dream wedding” I have in mind. And when that time came, from acquiring of venues for the several pictorial sessions, deciding on the color motif, scouting for churches up to listing and finalizing my entourage and my guests list. I wasn’t aware that these were really tiring and draining. Since I wanted to have the best for my wedding, staying late at night everyday is one of physical and mental stress I got.

One of the most important things to make sure is the flowers that you wanna use in your wedding. Few things to consider is the flower you want to use is if its in season, of course, you don’t want to travel to far places just to get those flowers which is just a waste of time. Next thing is the colors of flowers. Some would like to match its colors to their wedding motif or prepare  it exactly in contrasting colors.

Talking about flowers for your wedding, a Florist can be of help. There are several ways to get that florist that you needed. It could be referrals from your friends. Wedding florists MN are also available online. With this, you get to see their portfolios making their previous works accessible for you. On their online forms, you can contact them directly if you got questions and you can also get instant quotes for their services. This will greatly help in minimizing wedding preparations stress.

I’m sure, not just me, but everybody wants a perfect wedding. After that pre-wedding preparations, the wedding day itself is also another thing to consider. People don’t want to keep their guests waiting and get bored. Wedding receptions is what your guests will also remember. From food to music. Everybody must enjoy the event not just the couple. A very familiar boo-boo during a wedding reception is the lack of getting the right music for everybody. This should be carefully considered, from intimate and slow music to some party music.

A wedding DJ MN will be a great help. You can also get their services online. They make it really simple by providing you questionnaires which you will answer. Your answers will be their basis of your preferences for the music that you want for your wedding reception. This also will make your wedding reception unique because of this. These DJs are professional in nature, will help you save money and of course getting that stress-free wedding.

Planning a wedding can be stressful and complicated. But you can make it memorable and enjoyable too. This can also be the time for you and your partner to spend quality time together exploring and discovering each other’s creativity. There are so many things to consider, so, don’t rush. It’s your wedding.


9 thoughts on “How To Keep Up With All The Wedding Preparations

  1. pinoy humor says:

    I honestly wish I’d been through the stress of proper wedding preparations. When I got married, we hardly prepared anything. Two weeks after we told our parents we were married before a judge. I wore pants. And that was that. Haha. Everyone thought I was pregnant because the wedding was rushed but I wasn’t. 😀


  2. markpogi says:

    Preparing a wedding is really stressful coming from my standpoint. With all the nitty-gritty details making sure its perfect, we should also prepare for the longer haul which is Marriage. ^_^

    BTW, I suggest to those b2bs and h2bs to be a member of Weddings at Work or W@W. ^_^


  3. athena says:

    aww, this post can really make me imagine myself planning my wedding in the near future. 🙂 pero i can really imagine it to be stressful too. oh my.


  4. rachelle says:

    i hired an event planner for my wedding but still it was a disaster. i guess i should have researched more. My florists? i went straight to Dangwa for cheaper packages.


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