The Iron Bar Chef : Bilibid Cooking Showdown

Cooking challenge, food contests, name it. These are all over the metro nowadays. This is one of the most exciting activities done almost everywhere. I have always been anxious to be able to witness how other people prepares and cook their food and then try it myself at home. Haha! Recently, I was able to do this in the Iron Bar Chef

Iron Bar Chef is about a group of talented prisoners, inmates, in a Philippine prison. This is the latest recreational effort at the largest prison in the Philippines. Being inspired by reality TV cooking show – Iron Chef, Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) ‘s version have six (6) teams with four (4) members each against each other, tasking them to create as many menus as they can from their “mystery bayong” in an hour. Mystery bayong will have all the ingredients that they will be cooking which they all didn’t have any idea on what will they be.

I was lucky to be pat of this event. Held last June 16, 2012 at BuCor’s Meduim Security Compound. We were warmly welcomed by OIC Geraldo Aro and had a quick discussion with him on the on-going and future plans for the reformative and restorative programs for the inmates. 

This event is just one of the wide-range of reformative and restorative programs that aims not only to reform inmates but also cultivate their skills and prepare them or a possible return to the “outside world”. 

The Teams: 

It was really good to see inmates from different groups worked together. From Sputnik to Batman, their differences didn’t prevent them to get their goal. I was able to witness their excitement while preparing their menu. Another discovery was that some of them were actually a professional cook from hotels and resorts. Their way of preparing food were amazing. Some of them even used a blender to mix their ingredients for their sauce. 🙂

With their family and loved ones watching them, they were really determined to win this challenge. 


 The Food: 

Nothing more to say about the food. Looks delicious, right? Yes, they are! 😛

And the winners are: 

The Top 3 Teams of this event in the Medium Security compound will compete with the winners from the Maximum Security compound which will be the Grand Finals and will be held on June 30, 2012

It was a real fun and full of excitement event. I was one of those who were cheering for the winners. I must say, I enjoyed this visit. Saw the inmates’ children running all over the place, cheering for their Dads, the happiness in their eyes looking at their fathers being interviewed and photos taken – this event not just for the inmates, but this also keeps their bonds with the family. 

Good luck to the winners on the final challenge. I am a firm believer that you guys all deserves a tap in the back, a sincere congratulatory message for a job well done. Regardless of your past, I, personally learned a lot from those short discussions with you. Your words of wisdom will truly touch everyone’s heart. Everyone deserves a second chance. 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Iron Bar Chef : Bilibid Cooking Showdown

  1. Melandria Romero says:

    it’s good to hear that they held an event like this. It’s been years since i last visit there when my uncle is still the head of muntinlupa. I guess, there are many changes that happens over the past years.


  2. marlene aro says:

    thanks for posting! it makes me feel
    at home reading good vibes & comment made for my brother. im glad he made you feel welcomed with warmth & hospitality. thank you.


  3. narlene aro says:

    thank you for uploading this…. im glad my brother(kuya gerry) was able to conceptualize another wonderful projects like this. happy to know that you were welcomed warmly and was been given a great hospitality.


  4. Grysh says:

    The cooking show looks like a fun event! 🙂

    I saw your invites through the group we’re in together. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go. 🙂


  5. Maricar says:

    thank you so much Ness for creating this write-up for our inmates and all the support.. it was such a pleasure having you and your friends around.. Iron Bar Chef is indeed a wonderful event to showcase the skills, talents and creativity of our constituents.. one of Bureau’s numerous programs for Reformation.. we hope to see you again to witness this time the iron Bar Chef Finals happening this Saturday, 30th of June.. more power and God bless always..


    • Ness says:

      thank you, ms.macai.. I am glad and forever be grateful for the experience. I will bring all the memories and pass this on to my future children. 🙂 I’ll see you soon!


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