Lenddo Launches Friend-o-Meter Game in Facebook

I have been hearing a lot of good things about Lenddo. With just my curiosity, I did some research about it. Soon enough, I registered, completed all necessary information and finally connected and built my trusted network. Not sure what am talking about? Hmmm…


Okay. Lenddo is the world’s first online community that empowers members to use their online social networks to prove trustworthiness and access financial services. Great, right?

What makes Lenddo different from those already existing lending industries? Here are the unique selling point of Lenddo:

  • Online – Lenddo community members simply fills out an online registration form and an online application form from any place where they can connect to the internet.
  • Simple and easy to use – Lenddo.com has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Loan application process takes only a few minutes. The member does not have to be physically present. Lenddo’s Community Managers assist members and coach loan applicants through the loan process.
  • Quick response times – Most members join in advance of needing a loan, but once they apply for a loan approval and funding usually occurs in 1 business day. πŸ™‚
  • Affordable – Loans fees are generally between 0.99% to 2.4% a month depending on the strength of the borrowers trusted community.

Just recently, Lenddo launched the newest game in Facebook – Friend-o-Meter. i was really excited to be part of this event because as a Lenddo member, I feel like that I still need to know and learn more about the process.

It was last Saturday, July 7, 2012 when I got struck with a question of how well do I know my friends in Facebook. If there will be at least one of them to vouch for my credibility, at the Β least. These questions kept running at the back of my mind. And this really got me thinking… Sadly, I can only think of few people in my friends’ list who I feel that they are really a true friend to me and that there’s trust in both parts.

Friend-o-Meter aims to promote the awareness of how important trusted communities are and make people think about these connections. This game would ask players to rank their friends trustworthiness against a range of simple questions, such as “Who would you trust most to look after your pet whilst you go on vacay?”

For each question that someone votes on, the player is entered into a raffle where they can win grand prizes such as MacBook Air, a 32-inch LCD TV and a digital camera, along with the weekly raffle prizes of iPod Shuffles. Wow!!

Lenddo actually started here in the Philippines. The strong sense of community, whether in a family or group of friends, is innate in the Philippines’ culture. According to Lenddo co-founder and CEO for Asia Pacific, Richard Eldridge, “We are trying to find new, fun and engaging ways to educate Filipinos about the importance of creditworthiness. In the past, it was done face-to-face in the local barangays but now so many people are online, their online family, friends and co-workers are acting in the same way.”Β 

The Friend-o-Meter Facebook game launch was spear-headed by Erika Aquino – Lenddo’s Community Development Director. “Since we started last 2011, tens of thousands of Filipinos have vouched for their family and friends on lenddo.com.ph and allowed them access to life improving loans. We feel it is crucial that all Filipinos understand how important these relationships can be for in the future.”Β 

I am honestly excited with the Friend-o-Meter game. I think its fun to know and at least rate your friends according to how much you know and trust them. πŸ™‚ And while enjoying the game, you also gets the chance of winning the prizes from the raffles.

With some trivia games connected to the Friend-o-Meter game, along with the generosity of Lenddo in providing us great snacks, the launch was fun and successful. πŸ™‚

Website: www.lenddo.com.ph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lenddo
Twitter: @lenddo_Ph

Philippine Office Address: 4F ALPAP 1 Bldg., 140 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contact: +63 2 894 2470
Email: media@lenddo.com

Watch the online introduction to Lenddo at http://links.lenddo.com/IntroVideo. For user testimonials and a how-to on Lenddo, visit http://links.lenddo.com/how-to.

The raffle bears DTI-NCR Permit No 3955 Series of 2012.


10 thoughts on “Lenddo Launches Friend-o-Meter Game in Facebook

  1. Love Mindanao says:

    wow … how i wish i got qualified …though i am not sure about getting more loans…it’s a bit difficult paying back with interest … just make both ends meet to make sure everything is smooth and perfect:)


  2. Franc Ramon says:

    Looks like Lenddo has a big potential to make it in the social networking scene. At least, they have facebook friendly app so there’s a big market their already.


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