Couleurs La Femme: For Women Who Wants To Have It All

Women are comfortable with direct communication, relationship-building, diversity, and emotional intelligence—skills best suited for leaders today. I prefer to focus on what women have to contribute, rather than how they need to change or adapt. Such skills and strengths of women leaders are now highly desirable. Networked technologies, the knowledge economy and demographics of globalization all support the skills, talents, and presumptions that women bring.

And these were celebrated with a night  of  color  and  creative  expression  as  Couleurs  La  Femme  and  its healthcare  partners  and  media  came  together  to  celebrate  its  product  line  that  offers  Filipino  women choices for the lives they desire.

The event was all about celebration of Balance, Beauty, Freedom and Vitality. Set amid the backdrop of One Esplanade’s chic, contemporary interiors and breathtaking views of the Manila Bay sunset, Couleurs La Femme made a bold statement that a new Filipina is on the rise—and, with it, the desire to design her life according to her terms and the choices she wants to make.

Different “lifestyle hubs” depicting Beauty, Balance, Vitality, and Freedom highlighted the benefits of Couleurs La Femme.

Couleurs La Femme, a new line of oral contraceptive pills that also offer beauty benefits by preventing pimple breakouts and blemishes. Through its low-dose formulation packed with iron, Couleurs La Femme reduces the painful symptoms of PMS and gives you more vitality to bounce along each day.

Distributed  by  Cynosure,  an  all-Filipino  pharmaceutical  company  that  focuses  on  women’s  health  and wellness, Couleurs La Femme is a line of oral contraceptive pills that is specially formulated to help women achieve beauty, balance, vitality, and freedom.

Underscoring Couleurs La Femme’s bold  statement were bright splashes of color and movement from a fashion  show,  performances  by  Airdance.

The  Bloom  Brothers,  and  stylishly-curated  lifestyle  hubs. Guests  were  also  treated  to  a  sumptuous  cocktail  spread,  free-flowing  drinks,  and  a  raffle  of  luxury fragrances and jewelry.

It was indeed a spectacular and an eye-opening event to me being a woman. I must say, this made me realized what I wanted to achieve as a woman.

Couleurs  La Femme  is  available  in  Mercury Drug  and  Watsons  branches and  selected  drugstores.  It  is recommended that women see their gynecologist or healthcare provider for more information.


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