Winning The War Over Acne With Proactiv Solutions

Many are familiar with acne and I bet no one wants this in their skin. Having acne is no fun and can really be devastating specially for women. When I was still in school, I never had acne problems. However, more and more of my friends then developed this and I can still remember their complaints and rants on having them. I asked why I don’t have acne, and they will just sigh. I guess, I was just lucky during that time. 🙂 

I can still clearly remember one of my friends really cries over those unlimited unwanted acne in her face. She was always the talk of the town during our free time and being teased about it. She will just walk–out and just go home instead of attending our next classes. I felt her hurting during that time. Her morale and self-esteem is gone in a snap. 😦

When we graduated from college, I usually go with her to different Dermatologists, several skin care clinics, all in the hope to be able to find that perfect medications for her acne. But to no avail. Then she decided to migrate to another country and that’s when I lost contact with her. 

To make the long story short, after almost five years of no communication with my friend, she then found me in Facebook. I was so happy! We exchanged some personal messages catching up with our lives. She then mentioned to me, that her battle with her acne are so over. My reaction was “oh my gosh! how?” Haha! Not sure if she got offended on how I reacted but I really didn’t care. I was just too happy and really excited how it happened. 

She then mentioned Proactiv products. She told me she has been using this for quite some time now and it worked miraculously for her. Proactiv kept up with her and with her hectic schedules, stress and lack of sleep. Since she used it, she never had acne like she had back when we were in college. Proactiv is the ONLY product that kept her going throughout feeling confident, feeling great and looking fresh. 

I was amazed on how it changed her life and so I checked online and saw a really awesome Proactiv promo. Upgrade Your Proactiv Kit and Get your Proactiv Add-on at 50%-60% Discount! And so I got my very first Proactiv solution with this promo in Proactiv Online Shopping Cart

The promo is applicable to Philippine territory only and limited to residents of the Philippines only. And since I got mine through their online shopping cart, I am entitled to avail the discount. 🙂 Purchase of each Proactiv 30-day kit entitles a customer to upgrade his kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item at 50% discount, and purchase of each Proactiv 60-day kit entitles customer to upgrade his kit with 1 Proactiv Extension item at 60% discount.

It is so easy to avail. I just registered online and choose which mode of payment I would like, it can be either credit card or COD. And all kits will be delivered FREE!! 

There are 2 options. Customer must buy either a Proactiv 30 day kit or Proactiv 60 day kit to avail of the discount for any Proactiv Extension Product. In the website, customer can choose to select an add-on to their Proactiv kit at a hefty discount. Menu is on the lower right side of the screen. 

Another that’s great with this promo is that when you purchased the 30 Day kit, you get a 50% on the available add-ons listed online and 60% when you purchased the 60 Day kit. 

There’s this important note that I thought of sharing to you though. For every purchase of a Proactiv Kit, a customer can only avail of the given discount for one (1) Proactiv product (1 Proactiv Kit=1 Proactiv Product).

This is what I got after selecting my add-on upgrade. It has already the discounted price of the add-on and of course, the total package price of the upgraded kit. 

Very easy to avail. And I’m glad I am a Proactiv user. What’s also good about Proactive is that they have a Clear Skin Guarantee in where you can your money back if you think, it didn’t work for you. And reading the testimonials from the other Proactiv users really excites me to use mine and be one of the living testimonials also on how Proactiv will change my outlook in life. 

The promo will run until December 31, 2012. Everything is online. Just register and do everything from there. After that, you just have to wait for your kit to be delivered right at your doorsteps. 🙂 I am strongly recommends that you also try Proactiv to help you win the war over acne in your skin.

For daily updates on products : Proactiv Facebook Page


9 thoughts on “Winning The War Over Acne With Proactiv Solutions

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    Acne can be really a problem especially if you are stressed. Funny, how I grew up dealing with acne only to have occasional bouts with Acne in adulthood though I’m back to being acne-less again. This is a great deal by the way from proactive.


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