Dessert Comes First!

Lately, I have been hooked up in making desserts for my family. I always check for online recipes, those that are easy enough for me to follow and those with ingredients that are easy to find and is always available in my favorite grocery store.

One of the ingredients that I always include in my desserts is the whipped cream. Be it with cakes, salads, name it. However, sometimes, they’re not available or is already out of stock. And then I need to wait for another week for new supplies. And because of this, it frustrates me sometimes.

While checking for some other recipes online, I can across an article or recipe on how to create a fresh whipped cream for restaurants. This got me excited. The steps I found online on how to do this is quite easy and straight forward. Then, I decided to make my own sweetened whipped cream. 🙂 After a few tries, I was able to convinced myself that it is indeed easy to prepare and make and I loved it because I can control the sweetness of it. And I can only make  whipped cream enough to how much I will be needing for my recipe. Nothing is wasted.

After being successful on my own whipped cream to my cakes, I thought of trying again some new recipes – still will prepare, make and use my own whipped cream. 🙂

My husband once told me why I don’t make smoothie or cocktails with whipped cream. Hmmm.. Espuma Recipe is one of the many recipes that i found online which really interest me in making my own version of it.

The first time I made my own Bellini Espuma Cocktail, me and my husband loved it. So I am planning make another version of this using the whipped cream that I prepared on my own.

How about you? What desert is your favorite?


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