Drum Tao In Manila : An Amazing Experience!

I am still recovering from my previous night’s amazing experience with Drum Tao performance in Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila. I was lucky to be part of the generosity of Establish Events that I was able to witness this world-class performance. It was raining hard and the traffic was terrible. But this didn’t prevent us to be there and we me and my friends still managed to get ourselves there just in time. 

It was indeed an amazing experience. Being seated in the center or the very front row seats, it was an experience like no other! Was breathless while I can’t afford to even wink for a second so I won’t miss any second of the performance. 🙂

First thing I noticed is the well-shaped arms of the performers. Maybe they got those by practicing and playing drums everyday. 🙂 It’s also great seeing the women playing those 6 feet wide, 10 feet tall drums!! The women performers were never overpowered by the guys. They didn’t seem to feel any aches in their arms at all. 

Everybody performed with greatness and passion. They all seemed to love what they’re doing. Starting their performance with a teaser beat, then it reaches the climax, to being upbeat tempo and finished it with everybody just beat the drum all of the same time. Making the audience waiting and applaud every time. 

They also managed to get the audience participation in their performance. Regardless if they can’t speak in Filipino, they were able to relay the instructions to the audience clearly. Everybody enjoyed it. 🙂 

The choreography was spectacular! Even if the beating of the drums was getting intense, they never lose their concentration. The combination of some other instruments like flute and stings was perfect that I was able to feel the authenticity of Japanese culture. I got goosebumps and I can’t remember how many times I applauded. 

The performers were absolutely in their element on stage. Quirky with fun attitudes made the show really worth it. Made it a fantastic night of entertainment. A must see performance. 


20 thoughts on “Drum Tao In Manila : An Amazing Experience!

  1. ventocoseuss says:

    I was just about to ask for the country in which this came from. Question answered. Well, somewhat cultural performances like these are very entertaining, and I prefer them more than concerts. =) Want to watch one! 😀


  2. markpogi says:

    Good thing they allowed you to take photos of the show. My impression would be most shows like these doesn’t allow photography as part of copyright something. ^_^


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