Coming Back to Kulinarya Festival 2012 at Bayview Park Hotel

Coming back to a restaurant thrice is extra-ordinary. Well, I am speaking for myself. I mean, nobody will go back to a restaurant thrice in a month if it’s not serving good and delicious food, right? 

Bayview Park Hotel in partnership with Kulinarya Festival 2012 as I mentioned in my 1st and 2nd visits, it offers good service, good food and very affordable price for an all-Filipino lunch buffet. For something really cheap – Php450.00, you can actually eat twice or even thrice a month just like what I and my friends did – without any feeling of getting anything less that our money’s worth when dining at Bayview Park Hotel. 

The restaurant has enough space for those who will have lunch with their loved one or even can accommodate groups. What I really like here is that their staff are all professional. They know how to take care of their customers. Very approachable even the Chef on duty will do his rounds with each tables every once in a while. 🙂

The food here were really delicious and for the 3rd time, it’s just wonderful to enjoy our traditional Filipino dishes at a very affordable price. This time, we had salted egg with tomatoes and onion, pancit canton, sautéed mixed vegetables with shrimp paste, mackerel in coconut cream and pork leg and knuckles and banana blossoms

Salted Eggs with Tomatoes & Onion ( Itlog na maalat na may kamatis at sibuyas)

Pancit Canton

Sautéed Mixed Vegetables w/ Shrimp Paste (Pinakbet)

Mackerel in Coconut Cream (Ginataang Tambakol)

Pork Leg & Knuckles with Banana Blossoms (Paksiw na Pata)

I really enjoyed the pinakbet. Being an Ilocana myself, this is my comfort food. 🙂 The shrimp paste is not overly salty and sticky. The paksiw na pata also was so good which feature very tender and moist pork and the sweetness of sauce added the yum factor of the dish. 


I will not let my lunch finished without any desserts. The halo-halo is always and have been really my lunch-ender. Love it that I can put any amount of ingredients available for me and put generous spoonfuls of evaporated milk. 🙂 And those assorted rice cakes were awesome, too! 

Generally, I am giving Bayview Park Hotel a two thumbs up. They do have a great service while their menu with all traditional Filipino dishes that are not far from 5 stars. I’ve found couples, families and group of friends and employees in this restaurants and its very cheery and festive place to dine out, not to mention affordable, fresh and yummy. Its perfect for just about anybody because you won’t have to have a big budget to dine here. 

Kulinarya Festival 2012 in Bayview Park Hotel really made it to everyone who has tried and enjoyed Filipino dishes that it is indeed awesome and delicious. For me, I’d like to thank Bayview Park Hotel for this along with their Executives who’s Filipino values and patriotism is superb. 

What are you waiting guys? You still have until July 31, 2012 to be able to try these yourselves. Go ahead and bring your loved ones and families so they also have the “love for country” come out of themselves again. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Coming Back to Kulinarya Festival 2012 at Bayview Park Hotel

  1. Mary Jane Tauyan (@tauyanm) says:

    all those foods indeed looks very yummy! i have always crave for those foods since i live in other country but happy to say i have good friends sharing there pinoy foods whenever. and a chef is really good is he does makes round on all the tables! xx


  2. Avinash King Avinash says:

    Hello Ness,

    Now i became fond to visit your blog. I love your blog and the most important thing is you share pictures which is easy to understand the quality of content.

    Thanks for sharing info regarding festival. 🙂


  3. Franc Ramon says:

    There are times that I crave for the rich taste of Filipino foods and I guess you’ve triggered them with this post. As for dessert, I’ll have them anytime I can. No cravings needed.


  4. Shelly says:

    Thanks for sharing as we are planning to go there this year but having doubts about it coz i thought it is really expensive.


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