Get The Health To Match The Lifestyle With HealthCheQ


Living a fast-paced lifestyle has its fair share of success and challenges. While the benefits of success might be fulfilling, other equally important facets of living get compromised along the way. 

While we tend to overlook what’s really important on the way to the top. Not getting enough rest, skipping meals and acquiring vices might be the reflexes to help one cope with stress, these actions contribute to the steady deterioration of one’s health. Left unchecked, these may lead to more serious complications. 

While habit and routine make it difficult to make lifestyle changes for health’s interest, it always helps to know what you are up against. Visiting the doctor and getting regular checkups are the measurements to monitor and prevent any possible ailments that may rise. 

Healthway Medical — the most preferred mall-based clinic makes health care accessible, easy and convenient. It actively promotes a healthy and preventive lifestyle through offering personal and efficient health care, while making trips to the clinic more exciting and interesting through their different services. 

At a recent event at the Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City, Healthway responded the need for a more holistic approach to healthcare by launching its premium brand of executive  checkup package called HealthCheQ. Healthway Medical Executives lead the HealthCheQ launch and had a short discussions with them. They were all very accommodating and approachable. 

Designed for people who put a premium on time and health, HealthCheQ offers complete diagnostics, which includes laboratory tests, imaging studies, specialized examinations, as well as comprehensive physical evaluation. 

Lab tests such as Blood and Urine Examination, imaging studies such as X-rays and Ultrasound, along with special exams like Treadmill Stress Test can be done within half a day in any Healthway facilities. Using some of the advanced technologies in healthcare, the exclusive package guarantees results turnover within 24hrs upon completion of tests, this also includes Specialist Consult for evaluation. 

What’s great about the HealthCheQ package is that it covers the whole spectrum of caring for health and general well being. Each HealthCheQ holder is also entitled to an overnight pampering experience from Healthway Medical’s partner hotels, resorts and spas. 

“This is another service of “Alagang Healthway” that promotes a preventive lifestyle though an executive checkup and total relaxation from our partner resorts, hotels and spas,” says Camie de Leon, Healthway Medical Vice President for Sales and Marketing. 

“This package is also ideal for corporate people who need to relax an revitalize. It is packaged at Php15,000.00 with a complete set of tests and consultation.” De Leon adds that HealthCheQ allows you to take charge of your health, as a CEO would his or her company. “Take charge of your health. We want you to be the CEO of your health.” 

The event was full of fun and relaxation itself. Healthy sets of buffet of food was served to us plus a free head, back and shoulder massage for all guests. 

Patients can enjoy a leisurely overnight experience from any of Healthway’s prime partners. They can choose from exclusive hotels including the historic Manila Hotel and the Midas Hotel and Casino located at the heart of Metro Manila. Luxurious accommodations south of the city are also available at the Acacia Hotel, the Bellevue Hotel and the B Hotel situated among the sophisticated suburbs of Ayala Alabang. 

Healthway also ties up with resorts and spas located in key destinations to provide that much-needed relaxing getaway. Partners includes Club Balai Isabel, with its picturesque lakeside suites in Talisay, Batangas, and the Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay, which offers its signature “Ecotherapy” or healing by and through nature. 

Cathy Turvill – co-Owner of Nurture Spa Village

Ms. Cathy was generous enough to allow us tour around Nurture Spa Village. It was an amazing experience. The whole place is soo green and nature-friendly.

HealthCheQ clients will also receive transferable perks, a gift of wellness that they can share with their loved ones. These incentives include one dental procedure which consists of a complete Oral Prophylaxis and one rejuvenating session of Intense Diamond Peel facial resurfacing treatment. 

The package also includes one Wellness via that entitles the bearer to a free consultation with one of Healthway’s Primary Care Physician, and a Php 200 gift certificate for AB Pharma products for the patients initial medication needs. These added values reinforce Healthway’s commitment to go the extra mile for their clients’ overall well being. 

Living an executive lifestyle means you also need to take executive care of your health. With HealthCheQ, Healthway Medical has got you covered from tests and diagnostics to rest and relaxation. 

For more information, you may visit any Healthway Medical clinics located here: 

  • Alabang Town Center
  • Festival Mall
  • Greenbelt 5
  • Market! Market! 
  • Shangri-la Mall Edsa
  • Robinson’s Place Manila
  • SM North The Block

Customer Care Hotline: 02-751-4929


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11 thoughts on “Get The Health To Match The Lifestyle With HealthCheQ

  1. Sumi Go says:

    This seems like a really nice package fit for corporations.. 🙂 And wow, the Nurture Spa village looks so refreshing and tranquil. I’d love to spend a day of pampering there!


    • Ness says:

      Hehe. Sis, the usual executive check up in medical city or makati med is around 25k at the minimum. This 15k from healthway already includes an overnight stay with its partner hotel or spas. 🙂


  2. Lhara Urquiola says:

    Hi Ness. Thank you for this. HealthCHEQ offers a very comprehensive check-up and yes, investing 15K for health and relaxation is the best value for money. For those interested you may call 7514929 or visit Ness, BTW, the card/invite you posted is the old one 😉 hehehe. Logos of other partners were not included. Thanks again for joining us last week. Hope to see you again soo


  3. joy says:

    an executive check up is really expensive, this is already a good deal 🙂 i’ll tell my husband about it sayang he just had his exec. check up last february after the onset of his prostate enlargement, maybe next year we can already avail of it 🙂


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