Juno Parungao’s Art, Astrology and Crystology in Art-360 at Fully Booked Boni High

The maiden event for JIV Manila Art Group’s ART-360 featuring artist-astrologer Juno Parungao will be held on August 5, 2012 from 2:00pm to 6:00pm at Fully Booked Binofacio Hight Street. Parungao will facilitate a three-part seminar- workshop in art, astrology and crystology. Her talk will be complemented by a lecture on Art Appreciation and basic painting workshop by members of JIV Manila Art and teachers of Young Artists’ Studio. As a token to participants, free tarot-reading sessions follow afterwards.

Juno Parungao is a psychologist, astrologer, crystologist, educator, scholar, painter, and a lover of colors and scents. Juno has been known for her astrological portraits, portal paintings and after-crystal paintings seen in various galleries in the metro since 2008. As an educator, Juno has taught humanities, psychology, communication and research in academic institutions such as the University of the Philippines, La Consolacion College, De La Salle University and Mint College. She is currently a full-time visual artist, consultant and a candidate for a doctorate degree in education psychology.

Art-360 is an artist caravan organized to promote different art practices in Philippine contemporary art with innovative creative processes. Through a series of local and international art events such as exhibits, artist talks, publications, multimedia productions, workshops and collaborations with institutions and organizations, Art-360 hopes to spark cycles of exchanges about contemporary art and to ignite new ways, styles, forms and methods in an endless loop of the search for the contemporary. Art-360’s organizer, JIV Manila Art, is a collective of artists, scholars and consultants forwarding contemporary art practice and appreciation in its commitment to advocate ‘Art for a Meaningful Life’.

For ticket reservations, contact Art-360 Project Directors Judy Lejos-Jimenez and Avie Felix at 964-5951 or email letsjive@jivmanilaart.com. Tickets are price Php1,200- inclusive of materials, handouts and tarot reading. To know more about Art-360, visit www.jivmanilaart.com





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