Practical Home Décor Solutions

Keeping house while raising a family and holding a job is a lot of work for anyone; it’s hard to keep up, let alone decorate your home. There are some fun and easy ways to make your home look attractive without spending a lot of time. Transform a mundane girl’s bedroom into a princess worthy castle with a bed canopy; boys bug out over a camo green bed canopy because it feels like they are commandos on a secret mission. A bed canopy installs in minutes and does not require a four-poster bed. Bed canopies may also be used over a chair or table to add a touch of drama and privacy.

Bathrooms are a big part of family life and bath time can be fun for kids and parents alike. A handheld showerhead is a great addition to a bath or shower – using bath or kitchen sinks to shampoo hair or bathe pets is challenging. With a handheld showerhead you can direct the water spray precisely where you want it and there are even child-friendly models available. Most handheld showerheads are designed so that they can be installed by a homeowner so there’s no need to call in a plumber or other professional.

Family bedding should be easy care – look for quilts and comforters which can be machine washed and tumbled dry since you don’t want to get involved with the time and expense of dry cleaning. Reversible quilts and comforters offer greater versatility; a down-filled comforter and a wardrobe of duvet covers allows for easy care and gives you the freedom to change the look of a room in minutes. Experts recommend three sets of sheets for each bed with one set on the bed, one in the wash and one at the ready.


20 thoughts on “Practical Home Décor Solutions

  1. joy says:

    i usually change bed covers, linens and pillow cases on a weekly basis, i have several sets that i really love their designs, blue colors for my boys and floral for our master bed hehe

    i gave my handheld shower to my mom, she needs it more than we do, now she does not need to stand while bathing, she is having a spinal problem, so we bought her a safe bath chair for her use


  2. Orly Ballesteros says:

    Thanks for the info on quilts and comforters. I love my bedroom and a sprinkle of variety and novelty in a jiffy, when you need it is a great way to make the room even more attractive.


  3. Hazel Mae says:

    I couldn’t keep up, probably not just trained well enough to do both although I could multi-task easily at work. Women who can decorate their homes on top of doing other important things are superwomen in my opinion.


  4. Marie says:

    Our handheld shower often broke off because the kids twist them here and there and they always have fun…true, it can easily be installed by homeowners, in our case I just buy and hubby installs. 😀 Great tips!


  5. abanhag says:

    there are 3 best parts of the home for me: bedroom, kitchen and bath… for comfort and relaxtion… thre area lso quilt covers avialble on department stores…


  6. KHAKINESS says:

    A handheld shower head is a great idea but I think that it should not be too accessible for the kids because I’m sure that they will play with it. Oh, I miss down-filled comforters. It’s too hot in my bedroom to use comforters….


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