Esquire Financing: The Leader In Growth Stage Financing, Provides Hassle-free And Non-collateral Business Loans To Growing Businesses

President Aquino’s SONA reflects ESQUIRE FINANCING’s devotion to Philippines’ economic growth.

Data from the Bangko Sentral showed that micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) make up 99.6 percent of the total number of enterprises, account for almost 70 percent of total jobs generated, and contribute 32 percent of the GDP.

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino‘s recent State of The Nation Address (SONA) stirred up hope and inspiration, given the numbers from Bangko Sentral. Aside from a rundown of his cabinet’s accomplishments and to do list, Aquino proudly emphasized that “what was once the sick man of Asia now brims with vitality”. The President substantiated this claim with the 6.4 percent growth in the GDP in the first quarter of the year, the highest in Southeast Asia. Aquino shared how commentators from the international community have lauded these achievements, with Foreign Policy Magazine even calling the Philippines “Asia’s Next Tiger” and financial giant Morgan Stanley investing a billion dollars in Philippine markets.

Esquire Financing Inc. (EFI) Chief Executive Officer Rajan Uttamchandani at the 4th Philippine Small and Medium Enterprise Expo last May 2012

ESQUIRE FINANCING Inc’s President/CEO Rajan Uttamchandani shares the country leader’s and the international media’s optimism and believes that more small and medium entrepreneurs take advantage of the strong economy. EFI, the leader in Growth Stage financing, provides hassle-free and non-collateral business loans to growing businesses.

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12 thoughts on “Esquire Financing: The Leader In Growth Stage Financing, Provides Hassle-free And Non-collateral Business Loans To Growing Businesses

  1. Franc Ramon says:

    A lot of businessman are optimistic with the Philippine economy as growth has been prominent in the Philippines as some of the institutional investors are shifting their portfolio to the Philippines.


    • Fatima Kashin says:

      One of the booming industry in the Philippines is it’s outsourcing services, in oDesk alone Philippines is the top performing country in all of its services.


  2. special education philippines says:

    I saw from Yahoo News that Philippines is now investor’s favorite places to invest. At first I thought its just the government’s way of promoting themselves but I see reports both from the public and private sector like this one which appears to support the fact. I think the Philippines is entering a growth phase and I will support its sustainability the best way I can.


  3. amayachika says:

    This is a great help with all small and big entrepreneurs like me. Here in Davao our economy is growing positively, with the opening of Mindanao’s Big Mall(SMLP) and all the coming investors/businesses as well I am pretty sure Philippines will be the next ASIA’S TIGER in terms of economy.


  4. Noel Ablon says:

    In fairness to PNoy, it is a very big achievement for a 3rd world country but it’s hardly noticeable since people reflect on the daily basic essentials vs. their monthly income. It’s hard to focus on an achievement of a person if the people tend to their own problems at hand which is just in front of them.

    Lets just hope people will realize it and feel it before it’s too late, how? Probably if the price of the basic commodities drops and monthly income increases.


  5. Alwin Aguirre (@AlwinAguirre) says:

    It looks like Esquire has been very aggressive in promoting its business lately. Their business financing offer is critical for SMEs, so it’s important that entrepreneurs are aware that they have this financing facility available to them.


  6. Jason Cruz (@jsncruz) says:

    99.6%?? For some reason, I think that yes, SMEs make up the vast majority of businesses but really, that many? Hmm..

    What I’d like to see though is whether or not this huge number of SMEs are ‘staying alive’ after a few years. Way too many people (from personal observation) establish an SME – only to see it fail within 5 years. Bad business sense? Could be, but more likely because of sheer competitor numbers.


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