Buying Groceries Online

With so many different things being offered online, it is no surprise that grocery shopping can now be done online as well.  Depending on where you live, more and more grocery stores are offering home delivery of groceries that you’ve bought online.  This can be a great solution for many people, especially if you’re finding yourself crunched for time, or maybe have a sick child and you don’t want to leave the house.  Here are some options and thoughts on buying groceries online.

The Traditional Grocery Store

First, many traditional grocery stores, like Vons, have started offering home delivery services for grocery shopping.  They typically charge a minimum amount for the shopping trip, or they require you to pay a nominal delivery fee to have the groceries delivered.  The great thing is that you can buy all the items you normally would at the store – there aren’t many restrictions.  You can also save money online using vouchers or other coupon programs. 

If you want something close to what you’re already used to, consider using your traditional grocery store.

Other Players Like Amazon

Amazon isn’t a grocer in the traditional sense.  However, it is starting to offer many of the things that you can buy at a regular grocery store, with the exception of  fresh produce and meat.    You can buy all sorts of dry goods, and even spices or other foods on the site.  You can also get things like paper goods, including paper towels and toilet paper, as well as things for your pets, like dog food.

The great thing about Amazon is that for many items, they offer free shipping or other incentives.  If you can’t easily get a discount, there are also various net voucher codes out there that can possibly offer you additional savings on your purchase. 

When it comes time to doing your next grocery shopping trip, you may want to consider these other options instead of going out to the grocery store.  You may find it more convenient, and you may even save some money! 





8 thoughts on “Buying Groceries Online

  1. Marie says:

    I have been buying stuff online too and there’s a point system as well that you can accumulate and use later on, saves money! Love such!


  2. joy says:

    i find net vouchers very useful especially when the weather is bad outside, i do not need to catch the rain just to finish my grocery shopping 🙂


  3. marrimye says:

    ONLINE shopping of making grocery are not in my plans yet. I’m comfortable going out to shop but maybe, I’ll try someday.


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