The Marketplace in Eastwood City

I have been to a lot of buffets, eat-all-you-can, food bazaar, name it. And all of ’em left very good memories to me and for my tummy. 🙂 I just the relax environment in where different kind of food are lined up and some of them, I get to see how they are being cooked and prepared according to my request. Haha!

And last week, once again, in Eastwood City’s The Marketplace, I was able to enjoy this again. With my friends, we enjoyed the wide variety of food choices at very affordable prices.

The Marketplace has lots of space for tables and chairs where customers can dine with their family, friends and co-workers. All tents are high ceilings, well lighted and industrial fans strategically placed, the ares is well ventilated. What amazed me when we were there was it was raining hard that night but we didn’t worry of getting wet even if we were in the middle of a huge parking lot. The Marketplace uses heavy-duty, high ceiling tents to avoid leaks during heavy downpour.

Now, let me walk you to The Marketplace. I must warn you, this is going to be a photo-heavy post. Haha!

I really had a great time with The Marketplace with my friends. We were so full that we weren’t able to finish all that we ordered. We had to asked for some plastic bags so we can take them home. Haha! This place is sooo cool! 🙂

The Marketplace is open on Wednesdays up to Fridays and its food stalls are open as early as 9:00 PM until 4:00 AM. Go and gather all your friends and let them have the tummy-popping experience. I’m sure you will all be laughing about this until the next day and memories from The Marketplace is really worth-keeping. 😛





12 thoughts on “The Marketplace in Eastwood City

  1. korean doll says:

    The food snaps are very appetizing. I miss Eastwood soo much. I used to work there as part time when I stayed over there for a few months. Late night and early morn will never be dull.


  2. Franc Ramon says:

    I like it that they are doing the street type or market place setup and it’s usually done at night which is a good alternative for night and also a good meal for those on graveyard shifts.


  3. Ayzee says:

    Wow! They transferred their location na pala, that’s probably why the hours of operation is also different. I miss the buko shake and cheesy potato balls that I used to purchase when I was still in Eastwood.


  4. ralph says:

    there’s just a lot of food to choose, those staying up late and wants to have an enjoyable snack would surely have fun here. Yahweh bless.


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