Bo’s Coffee Holds Poetry and Music Night at its Eastwood Branch

Press Release || Aside from over 16 years of serving Just Roasted Coffee Freshness, Bo’s Coffee takes the coffee experience to another level. Situated at the peripheries of the usual hustle and bustle of the Libis crowd, the coffee shop’s Eastwood branch paves an avenue for Literary Creatives to express their thoughts and let their creative juices flow through a Poetry and Music Night

Poetry Sessions happen at Bo’s Coffee Eastwood every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

The said event is held every second and fourth Friday of the month, starting at 7 pm, and by the looks of its initial runs, there has been a rising number of regulars and fans that huddle up to share their creative prowess and whims throughout a comfortable audience.

As Bo’s Coffee Franchisee, Joe Garcia mentioned, he wants Bo’s Coffee Eastwood to be remembered as a hidden gem for comfort-seekers. Bo’s Coffee Eastwood is the branch where most Libis workers can just relax, unwind, and even bond with their friends. They can read a good book, write their thoughts out, or just take a comforting sip of their favorite beverage without having to mind about their worries for the day, even just for a few moments. This vision about Bo’s Coffee Eastwood is just what the homegrown coffee shop experience aims for. 

Bo’s Coffee Eastwood Franchisee, Joe Garcia recites a poem from Taylor Mali

Customers enjoy a poem and jamming session with the crowd

Blogger, Mervin Reyes recites his personal poem

Bo’s Coffee is aimed to create an atmosphere where people can come and nurture relationships, make new ones, or simply flourish by themselves. With the finest homegrown coffee and the most delectable choices of cakes and pastries, which are served by warm and friendly baristas. Bo’s Coffee’s 58 existing stores started with a dream: the owner, Mr. Steve Benitez, thought of having a premier specialty coffee bar in the Philippines that roasts high-quality Philippine origin coffee beans. His dream became reality from humble beginnings of having a six-table kiosk situated in Ayala Center, Cebu. As the name of Bo’s Coffee became established in the Philippines, the quality of beverages and foods have been maintained at the highest standards, while it delivers excellent branded customer service in a friendly and cozy ambiance.

A home grown gem – this is perhaps one of the most apt descriptions for Bo’s Coffee Eastwood. With the location of the store in Libis, visitors and patrons alike can surely enjoy the well-loved and classic Froccino, Hot and Iced Espresso coffee selections with a variety of filling sandwiches, All-Day Breakfast Sets, and sumptuous cakes. Indeed, Bo’s Coffee continuously grows to bring world-class coffee experience to the country.


13 thoughts on “Bo’s Coffee Holds Poetry and Music Night at its Eastwood Branch

  1. Wit says:

    Hey this is amazing. I didn’t know Bo’s was supportive of poetry too. I always had this impression that they were the coffee shop for the sosyals. Hehe. Cool


  2. Gigi Beleno says:

    This is a kind of place for selective audience I think, because not everyone is into poetry but since there’s coffee, it will surely can attract more customers.


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