The Underarm Monologues By Dove Deodorant

I’ve always enjoy watching monologues. I mean, those discussions which sometimes tends to be really funny but can also become an eye-opener. Some things that were avoided to be discussed in the usual everyday but were freely and openly being realized in monologues… though there are also some topics in monologues that can be offensive. 

Recently, Dove Deodorant presented Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues. With its collaboration with Upstart productions, this monologue was inspired by stories from real women, this original outspoken comedy explores views on an intimate part of the body that females love to hate and hate to love: their underarms

Held last August 28, 2012 in Teatrino in Greenhills, we were welcomed with the question on the stage: “if your underarms could talk, what would they say to you?” This made this event really exciting. While waiting for the show to start, we were joking on the answers that we would get from our underarms if they really can talk. Haha! 🙂

Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues aimed to used stories plucked out from countless interviews, this three-woman comedy waxes eloquent on the true and often dark issues surrounding this least favorite asset. The play seeks to shave away the irritation and embarrassment associated with this often misunderstood and neglected body part. 

The Underarm Monologues Cast: L-R – Mayen Cadd, Angela Padilla and Caissa Borromeo

The underarms perhaps the last thing a woman would think of when asked about her best beauty asset. Still, 87% of women think their underarms can be a beauty asset … if only they look better! But women can’t really consider their underarms as an asset if they don’t like the way they look. Unfortunately, that is exactly how more than half of women feel about their underarms with more than half ranking it as one of the body parts they are unhappiest about. 

Through a combination of true-to-life anecdotes, observations and trivia, Unspeakably Yours strives to prove, with disarming honesty and humor, that a women’s underarms can be her worst enemy of her best friend: it’s up to her to decide which. 🙂

Through the play, Dove Deodorant wishes to advocate that women should embrace and love their underarms, by first being comfortable enough to talk about them and taking the time to care for and look after them. Espousing love for an otherwise hated body part perfectly affirms the Dove’s long-time celebration of real women and our view of beauty. 

Dove Deodorant Introduces Dove Ultimate White

  • Did you know that when you shave, 30 of what is shaved off is actually your skin?
  • Did you know that when you pluck, your underarms become more prone to ingrown hair?
  • Did you know that repeated waxing can expose new skin cells too soon leaving skin irritated, dull and dry?

Dove, with its years of research & expertise on skin, advocates proper care for the underarms. Dove Whitening deodorants are formulated with ¼ moisturizing cream, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. ¼ moisturizing cream soothes dry and irritated skin, restoring the softness and smoothness of underarm skin. Vitamin E and Vitamin F nourish and strengthen the skin to make it more resilient against irritation and damage caused by hair removal. 

Among whitening deo users, a common concern is stubborn dark spots or patches that just won’t go away. Women have tried many things: home remedies, derma/laser treatments, even make up, but these dark spots remain unsolved. Today, Dove introduces its latest innovation for underarm skin care and whitening:  Introducing NEW Dove Ultimate White – Dove’s premium deodorant made specifically to whiten those stubborn dark spots in the underarm area. 

Dove Ultimate White Deodorant has ¼ moisturising cream, 2x licorice extracts and Vitamins E&F that nourish beneath the skin surface to effectively whiten and smoothen the underarms. It also has Omega 6 that works deep within the epidermis to reduce melanin formation and give precision whitening.  Dark skin cells are slowly lifted away, revealing whiter, smoother underarm skin.  

Dove Ultimate White is now available at supermarkets and groceries nationwide in four formats:  40 mL Roll-on (at a standard retail price of P95), 40g Stick (SRP P170), 70mL mini deo-spray  (SRP P115) and 169mL/100g deo-spray (SRP P195). 

I really enjoyed being able to witness this event and be able to realize these things about my underarms. Haha! 🙂 The description and underarms analogies were super hilarious — though they did reveal some frustrations and insecurities. A realization that women went through such trouble just for the upkeep of their underarms. Kudos, Dove!

Sneak Peek to Unspeakably Yours: The Underarm Monologues


9 thoughts on “The Underarm Monologues By Dove Deodorant

  1. Bev says:

    That looks like a fun event. Seriously I’m a dove girl…from shampoo, conditioner, soap and deodorant, it’s dove, and I love it!


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