Triple Treats at SM Manila, Triple the Fun, Triple the Food Trip!

Press release || It’s the season for Food Tour! It’s time to celebrate the assimilation of cultures and the diversities that created the Pinoy we know then that we continue to improve now.

SumoSam, the leading Japanese fusion resto in the metro brings you Tokyo Grill at SM Manila. From its line of debut dishes popularizing Japanese Bibimpap and Japas (Japanese small plates), Tokyo Grill Nachos and Jap Pao ( sweetened slow cooked pork) fried Maki rolls, comes a fusion of what we love about Japanese and Asian goodness in a dish – the Sizzling Bento. Guests can choose from Beef, Chicken, Pork or Salmon with mixed vegetables  and various types of Asian rice served on a sizzling Bento box to keep the food hot. Enjoy the Japanese and Asian cuisine in exquisite preparation satisfying your eyes and your stomach as it sizzles to bring your appetites to bliss. Like the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and the love of Pinoy for grilled dishes and everything served hot, let SumoSam Tokyo Grill fill you and your family with Japanese and Asian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere without worrying the cost.

KungFu Kitchen or KFK revolutionizes Philippine modern casual Chinese dining by bringing together two elements – fresh and fastKFKboasts of Feasts of Fury, powered with the tempest of the strongest spirit and tamed with discipline creating dishes that will knack your senses yet not kick your budget. Let us take you to what the KungFu masters have mastered, intoxicating explosion of flavors devoured with gusto, meant to be to follow its finest art of gradually exciting your palate. Xiao Long Bao, an experience quite foreign to barkadas and friends. Served with finely sliced yellow ginger in sweet soy sauce, Xiao Long Bao may be a soup dumpling smaller in size at KungFu Kitchen but mighty in taste. From the masters of cooking Chinese assimilating the culture of Pinoys loving all the treats in one plate comes KFK’s Boxers– combo meals ala Bento Boxes. With more than twenty favorite comfort Chinese dishes mixed and matched in one amazing “warrior’s box’ is a meal to satisfy every Juan reminiscing the stories from KungFu films about warrior underdogs and their transcendence in different challenging scenarios, perfect for the working  and the studying Juan who needs all the nourishment to face the day. KungFu Kitchen opens its first flagship store at SM Manila, soon to become a hole in the wall in the city of Manila.

Finally, the mix of cultures and the love to share food takes you to what Pinoys have acquired from the military training – the boodle feasts at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island. The tradition of cameraderie from the army enticed the Filipino whose culture of fiestas eating on banana leaves became a craving for Pinoys to keep the boodle feast tradition. Seafood Island SM Manila from its parent Red Crab resto chains, sprung in different malls and business districts to provide a bonding experience to foster cameraderie among office work teams and barkadas. It’s the use of fingers and the knack to share food in one big plate creating memorable experiences for groups and families now open at the 4th floor of SM Manila, perfect after a night of movies with families and barkadas. Indulge on their famous I am Ninoy(Dagupan) Boodle Feast, the best of the Philippine islands has to offer, a mix of meat, seafood and other grilled goodies. Deep-fried boneless bangus, pork BBQ, steamed white shrimps, grilled tahong, okra, talbos ng kamote, green mango, crispy liempo and bagoong ricewill surely be a feast to remember with friends and family appreciating the best of the Filipino dishes in Dagupan Boodle Feast. In 3-4 or 5-6 pax per Boodle with dishes that represent the islands we boast in the Philippines, it would surely be appreciated from friends visiting the country and coming home.

Take your dining experience to the next level at the 4th floor of SM Manila at KungFu Kitchen, SumoSam Tokyo Grill and Blackbeard’s Seafood Island everyday. You and your family deserve the experience and the memories every Sunday and all days of the week. After all, the family (the group) that eats together, stays together.

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13 thoughts on “Triple Treats at SM Manila, Triple the Fun, Triple the Food Trip!

  1. joy says:

    it has been years since i last went to SM Manila, wow another japanese bistro, am learning a lot from you,and my list of must-visit resto is getting longer hihi


  2. Gene says:

    SM Manila used to be our favorite hang out place, it’s near my sister’s place so it’s like a middle marker for us. I remember when it first opened, we always go to Kenny Roger’s because we don’t have that in the malls nearby my place. It’s good to know that there a lot of alternative restaurants to dine in there.


  3. marrimye says:

    Wow! Picture taking with celebs… especially with Marvin Agustin, not only he’s a certified actor but a certified food icon with several more chain of restos credit on his name.


  4. gmirage2 says:

    Oh god, what a feast that would be! I’m shying away from buffets and the likes, haays if only eating is not a crime…lol


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