Spaoay : Traditional Ilocano Treatments Indulgence in Timog Ave

Spaoay is located on the busy Timog Avenue in Quezon City, just a few minutes walk from the long line up of fast food chains and fine dining restaurants in the area. I was struck by the white high ceilings and wooden furnitures which together created a satisfying feeling of space and light.

Manager, Danny dela Cuesta was at the reception area when me and my friend arrived, greeted us warmly and offered to take us on a tour of the treatment rooms.

Spaoay is an Ilocos-themed wellness spa. I’m an Ilocana and I know that the term lay claim to spa and Ilocos town – Paoay. Spaoay offer time-honored therapies from the Ilocos region tha has a strong belief of the healing touch.

The place is relatively smaller than the usual spas in the metro nowadays. We started the tur on the ground level where there’s a long wooden chair enough to accommodate some waiting guests. I love the clean-zen-type of atmosphere of Spaoay. All of the furniture is quirky with a vintage edge. I particularly like the fact that the place was not afraid to toy with almost white and brown colors.

Upstairs there are I think, 6 treatment rooms, including the wet treatment room. There’s also a small lounge for some back, foot and leg treatments.

I’m just a little bit of confused why i didn’t see any changing rooms at all. The free samples of products like shampoo, hand wash, shower gel, etc are also not so well-stocked. Maybe they should re-stock their wash area.. 

There were no lockers in where guests can put their things while being on a treatment. Robes and towels are already on the massage room and some metal hooks in where bags can be put on. I also remember someone asked if they have slippers that the guest can use since its nowhere to be found in the room.

The steam room, completely inlaid with stones, was at the far end door. It looks really relaxing. Though, I was not able to try it, I think, I would like to try this one out next time. 🙂

Before we got into our whole body massage, we changed to our robes and spent some time in the room in where we got our feet soaked in coffee and cleaned up by their staff.

Then my therapist asked me to go to the massage room. I laid down on the massage table and had my therapist massage my whole body. She started with me lying in my belly – from my legs, thighs, hips, back, shoulder, arms and nape. Surely, it was really relaxing. It was just a bit uncomfortable because the massage table didn’t have the hole in where I can put my face on while lying on my tummy. Haha! Soon enough, she asked me to turn around this time – now lying on my back. It was really relaxing that I actually fell asleep for a few minutes. That back massage part is what I really needed. I love it.

After the massage, I felt very relaxed. I was impressed. 🙂 I enjoyed this experience at Spaoay and the treatments were expertly executed.

I would love to visit again and try their other services such as foot spa and body scrub and I also wanna try the steam room!

City spa-goers like me who needs to relax will enjoy the non–pretentious, easy-going atmosphere of Spaoay.

Visit Spaoay and indulge in wellness rituals where only professionally trained & TESDA accredited hands perform wellness therapies that have a distinguished past.

Spaoay is open daily to give alternative and natural healing. Spaoay also provide exclusive hotel and home services. Located along Timog Avenue in Quezon City, you can call (02)9947596 or 09189256603 for reservations.


7 thoughts on “Spaoay : Traditional Ilocano Treatments Indulgence in Timog Ave

  1. Mark says:

    Mejo mainit ata ulo ni bakla na nagreply sakin nung nag-inquire ako. Haha! Sorry, they’re in the service industry and they should learn how to talk to potential guests properly. Next! Well, mukha namang promising talaga ung place. I’ll try soon. Papalamigin ko muna ulo ni bakla.


    • Mark says:

      Dear admin… please delete my comment above. I just learned his mom died… thats why he was in a bad mood. I really feel awful and sorry.


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