Be The Star Of The Night In Your Dream Destination At Karaoke Republic

I miss going to karaoke or videoke places (as we call it). And when I learned that me and my friends will be going to one after our relaxing massage from Spaoay and sumptuous dinner with Comida Ilocandia, I was a bit excited. Though I’m also a bit hesitant because I haven’t been to such place in years already. Just a few steps away from Spaoay and Comida Ilocandia, there’s Karaoke Republic Family KTV and Restaurant. It was Sunday when we were there and while approaching the place, I sensed that it is a hit because the parking space in the facade area was full.

We were welcomed by the security on duty and was immediately assisted by their staff to the lobby. I got my confirmation that the place is full and a hit because most of the staff on duty was all over the place – left, right, all were busy.

While being accommodated by the marketing Head – Mr. Jay Lazaro, we were kind of going around the world until we reached the room reserved for us. Karaoke Republic got 22 rooms and all of them have a unique name. Guests can choose to go around the videoke world and explore the different themes and sights of its country rooms. Or stay local and visit different branches of the government.

United Songs of America, Yemen ( galing mo men ), Viretnam , Sing-a-pore are just some of the names of the rooms.

There are also rooms which are spacious enough that allows its guests to have their own dance floor inside and some even got its own restroom. Nice!! Ad of course, there are also smaller rooms for more intimate gathering and setting for best friends or loved ones. Rooms are also equipped with wide-screen LED monitors. 🙂

Photo Credit: Superloved

The menu is also affordable. They got set of menus for groups, buffet and ala carte. KTV Bar is open for all who wish to enjoy a more inviting ambiance and a chance to meet new acquaintances.


Noodles and Pasta

Chicken and Pork


Sandwiches and Pizza



Place is great. Food was awesome! Guests will surely be fascinated with Karaoke Republic’s colorful wall paintings, cool room names and satisfy their taste buds with all its delicious food.

P40 per hour per person during Happy Hour from 3pm to 7pm..P60 per hour per person from Sundays to Thursdays during Monday we have Ladies Night buy 1 take 1 on selected cocktail pitchers and during Tuesday we have Bachelors Night buy 5 take 5 on selected beers… our regular rate is P80 per hour per person every friday and saturday…we are open from 3pm to 5am.

Karaoke Republic guarantee its guests enjoyment in a fun and relaxed setting so you can focus on being the star of the night!

Karaoke Republic – Family KTV and Restaurant

Location: 35 Timog Ave., Quezon City
Contact: 02-3521290 | 02-3523994

Facebook Page: Here
Website: Here


26 thoughts on “Be The Star Of The Night In Your Dream Destination At Karaoke Republic

  1. pinoychocophile says:

    They call it noraebang (norae-sing, bang-room) in South Korea – a place/room where I put myself to shame, the only Pinoy who can’t sing hehehe… Koreans love to go to this kind of place after dinner for another round of drinking and partying… I go for food instead hehehe…


  2. papaleng says:

    My daughter is a biret queen, so whenever my family go out on a date, hindi mawawala ang Karaoke get along. Malayo sa Muntinlupa ang place na yan, pero it seems a really great place to hang-out and do some “My Way” stuff. P40 and P60 as Franc stated tama ba yan? If so,good price then.


  3. markpogi says:

    This is really one of Pinoy’s favorite past time. I’m sure my wife would love to visit this place.

    BTW, can I borrow some of your images for my blogpost about Karaoke Republic? My laptop (which were my shots at) was sent for repairs and I can’t post my entry yet since its boring without any pictures.


  4. Mai Flores (@mai_eaflores) says:

    Wow! I actually remembered my own version of this — but we tried Music 21 in Timog though. Although I’ve seen Karaoke Republic countless times but never really tried (since I’m no longer the singing type..hehe!) By the way.. do you have a review of the Spaoay? I’m curious to try them out. 🙂


  5. ana karen says:

    aww great! one of the things i miss in the Philippines (even if I din’t sing hahahaha). The availability of Videoke house in every block. they don’t have here in Dubai. If in case they do, I haven’ts heard of them. and the food looks delicious. as always..


  6. mark says:

    I was never a fan of singing or going out to ktv for karaoke, but the place looks like a cool hangout place not only to sing but to eat. food looks good and funny names for the rooms!


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